Alessandro Moroder

Alessandro Moroder

(FRAZIONE MONTACUTO – ANCONA) Moroder wines, a German surname for an Italian wine of great elegance. Among the most appreciated we find Dorico red wines, a Conero Riserva docg and Malvasia white wines, aromatic and fruity.

Alessandro Moroder’s History and Philosophy

The Conero area , located in the Marche region , is certainly singular from a geological point of view. Located on the coast, south of the city of Ancona , it was originally part of the Apennine chain of central Italy. It was a giant promontory, which over time crumbled and drifted east, until it reached its last home, the sea. This makes it geologically the most unusual area in the Marche: its soil is calcareous, a feature it shares with many of the most important areas in the world of high-level viticulture, such as Burgundy. It is therefore logical that the area has been given its own denomination, Rosso Conero DOC , a red wine made from grapesMontepulciano : another peculiarity, considering that most of the wine from the province of Ancona is white.

Like most of the wine produced in the region, Rosso Conero was scarcely considered in the 60s and 70s: a fact partly explained by the almost entirely local consumption and partly by the little ambition of most wine producers. A way of thinking that has not characterized, and still does not characterize, the story of Alessandro Moroder . His surname, sounding Germanic, may seem out of place in central Italy. The family was originally from Val Gardena and settled in the Marche region as far back as the 18th century.

The wines of Alessandro Moroder

Alessandro, together with his wife Serenella , strongly believed that much more could be done and began to demonstrate it with his wines in the early 80s.

An important step forward was the Doric in 1990, whose name refers to the Hellenic origins (also called “Doric”) of Ancona, a city born as a Greek colony. This wine has become an important example in its area and has inspired many others to a greater commitment to Montepulciano , finally resulting in the birth of the Conero Riserva DOCG in 2004. The Doric is today presented as a balanced wine, with an impenetrable color and taste full and enveloping: the tannin is elegant, with a very long persistence. To this were added other fine productions: a Malvasia aromatic and a fresh and fruity rosé, both dry and sweet bubbles. To complete the production, the passito from muscat grapes and the wine and sour cherries, a typical Marche product deserve a mention.


Name: Conero Riserva DOCG
Grapes: Montepulciano 100%
Alcohol content: 14.5%

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