Alvio Pestarino

Alvio Pestarino

(CAPRIATA D’ORBA – ALESSANDRIA) The wines of Alvio Pestarino are produced in the Capriata d’Orba, among the wines produced Girossa Gavi, Aurora Barbera, Pinot Nero Berc, Vino Passione Passito and many others.

Alvio Pestarino’s History and Philosophy

We are in the Alto Monferrato, in Capriata d’Orba in the province of Alessandria, less than 250 m above sea level, a few kilometers from the hills around Gavi. A territory crossed by different routes, which descend from the mountain passes of the Gaviese to the sea. From Capriata d’Orba, looking towards the horizon, the blue mountain ranges of the Ligurian Apennines stand out well. This is where the Alvio Pestarino winery is located, which has its origins in the early 1900s, when Pestarino Giovanni, in 1919, purchased the Cascina with then a small vineyard, in the locality of Barcanello di Capriata d’Orba.

The grape variety that made this part of Piedmont known is Cortese, an extremely versatile white berry variety, which manages to create many types of wine: from sparkling wine to passito. The wine production of Alvio Pestarino is focused, not only on the famous Gavi wine, coming precisely from the Cortese vineyards, but on 6 labels, which reflect and testify to the infinite facets of the territory. A territory that enjoys an excellent microclimate, thanks to the influence of the sea winds, a favorable exposure and altitude, which create favorable conditions for a prestigious production.

In 2020 Alvio passed away from the affection of his loved ones, leaving his wife Daniela and their children Andrea and Giulia. Alvio, Giovanni’s grandson, in the nineties had given a strong impetus to the development of the business and the current cellar, cultivating a passion also transmitted to the children who for years supported their father in the management of the company, which they now run. Today Andrea, a graduate in Viticulture and Oenology, and Giulia, a student of Environmental Engineering, represent the 4th generation and with pride and competence they are committed to carrying on tradition and innovation.


The wines of Alvio Pestarino

Even in the cellar, the processing of the grapes is based on a single concept: that of producing wines with unmistakable characteristics and attributable to a particular territory and respecting the environment and natural times. To give this company personality are its vineyards: Cortese, Dolcetto, Barbera, Pinot Nero, Syrah, and Viognier and Timorasso. As stated, it is the Cortese di Gavi, the grape variety most cultivated within the company.


But not only the Gavi Girossa DOCG is noteworthy, but also the 1919 Ovada DOCG, a long-lasting wine that combines elegance and drinkability well and that enhances the wine tradition signed by Alvio Pestarino with style. But not least is the Aurora Barbera del Monferrato DOCG, of great strength and structure and the enveloping and delicately austere nose Pinot Noir Berc Monferrato Rosso DOC. New arrival in the Pestarino house is the Thimos Derthona DOC, made from Timorasso grapes, of great finesse and excellent flavor.


Finally, the range is enriched by the passionate Passione wine, a passito di Cortese, made from dried grapes harvested slightly in advance to ensure higher acidity levels and give the wine more freshness even after long aging. To enrich the offer, the arrival of a classic method sparkling wine Altalanga is announced, a project started with the father Alvio in the 2019 vintage. The line offered is concrete and spontaneous and shows a reality, that of the Alvio Pestarino company, which represents well the tradition of this area of ​​Piedmont.

1919 Ovada DOCG 

Appellation: Ovada DOCG
Grapes: Dolcetto 100%
Alcohol: 14°
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Address: Cascina Barcanello 7, 15060 Capriata d’Orba AL
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