(COL SAN MARTINO – TREVISO) Andreola in one of the most loved territories in Italy, Conegliano Valdobbiadene, produces Prosecco wine of the highest quality. The owner is Stefano Pola, who together with his employees is also committed to safeguarding its territory, with the manual harvesting of the grapes.

Andreola’s History and Philosophy

Prosecco is a wine produced exclusively in the North-East of Italy. Its history originates in the territory of Conegliano Valdobbiadene , in Veneto , where the best quality, called Prosecco Superiore , is still produced today . From these areas, through its extraordinary history, the success that created the Italian style of modern, informal and cheerful drinking, appreciated and loved all over the world, starts. It was August 2009, when, Prosecco, obtained the recognition of the DOCG which included it, fully, in the elite of the Great Italian Wines .

Andreola Conegliano Valdobbiadene Veneto wines

Among the protagonists of this story the Andreola company is among the most accredited, its Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore comes from vineyards cultivated on steep and difficult to work slopes, the company managed by Stefano Pola, who represents the second generation, was founded in 1984 from Nazzareno Pola. Since then, the philosophy has never changed, in fact Stefano is very honest with the territory and his work is based on the sustainability and enhancement of the vineyards, a fundamental choice for a product so courted and envied, fighting every day not to standardize it, to standardize it, because if you want to continue to be ethical and winning, you need to diversify your products, your work and make people understand that the vineyards themselves have unique and recognizable characteristics, that they express the territory they belong to in a very defined way and that no territory is similar to the other, but to offer one’s identity, to those who in one sip want to feel its consistency, originality and understand its differences, one must not give up and not settle down, to unite that wine with that land and give the best of integrity.

andreola veneto wines

A difficult challenge, but thanks to biodiversity, which makes Italian vineyards and therefore also this area, that exclusive element, difficult to understand for those who are not Italian, but which is the great wealth of a land that is never boring and of men, like Stefano, who carry on their philosophy with their heads down and with great foresight. Andreola is located in the locality of Col San Martino, and the vineyards owned by the vineyards are approximately 450-500 meters above the sea level and extend for 85 hectares, with a southern exposure that guarantees a good temperature range and therefore a luxuriant development of aromas.

Andreola Conegliano Valdobbiadene

The landscape is suggestive, with the hilly chains and their steep slopes, which make the work in the vineyard tiring and the harvest is manual a “Heroic Viticulture“. Geographically we are located between the sea and the Prealps, Venice is just over 50 km away, the Dolomites are less than 100. In the cellar, a skilful enological and cutting-edge technologies are the perfect combination to obtain an excellent moment the oenological signature is entrusted to Loris Dall’Acqua.

The wines of Andreola

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The line is well made and differs according to the production areas, to mention just some of the labels produced, to underline the Dirupo and the Sesto Senso Stefano Pola Selection, or the Más de Fer a sparkling wine produced from the vines located on the hills of Col de Fer and San Gallo, at the Mas De Fer Rive in Soligo Valdobbiadene DOCG extra dry, made with Glera grapes, the second fermentation is carried out at the origin, according to the Martinotti method, always from the same winery. These are just some examples of the famous “white gold” produced by what was once a small company and is now an established and modern reality, whose Prosecco, from Brut to Extra Dry, is now a true, indisputable brand factory.

Màs De Fer Rive

Mas De Fer Rive Di Soligo Extra Dry Valdobbiadene DOCG 2018

Appellation: Valdobbiadene DOCG
Grapes: Glera 100%
Alcohol content: 11.5 °
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