Anniversary Irpina Aglianico DOP 2016 – Nativ


Our tasting of Nativ’s Anniversary Irpina Aglianico PDO 2016 wine, complete with notes of aging, denomination, blend, serving temperature and alcohol by volume.


Anniversary Irpina Aglianico DOP 2016  – Nativ

It has an intense ruby ​​red color, the nose opens wide and complex ranging from intense hints of ripe berries, cherry jam embellished with notes of sweet spices, tobacco, licorice, cocoa.

On the palate it is enveloping with a very thick but velvety tannic texture assisted by an important acid shoulder that gives great freshness and drinkability.

A very engaging and elegant wine from the iconic Irpinia cellar: Voluminous and harmonious finish with a light balsamic note, of great persistence. Great aging potential.