Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa

(NIZZA MONFERRATO – ASTI) In Nizza Monferrato the Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa offers since the end of the 19th century a complete line of the typical Piedmontese red wines of the classic style. The Barbera d’Asti La Bogliona red wine from Barbera grapes should be noted.

Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa’s History and Philosophy

Nizza Monferrato , a town of just ten thousand inhabitants in the southern part of Piedmont , is not, in most environments, a particularly well-known name. With one exception: that of true wine lovers. Located near the production area of Moscato wines ( Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti ) and Barbera , the main red grape of Piedmont , the city became a production center for both wines and can boast of hosting many of the main wineries, whose name is well known both in Italy and in many international markets where these wines are appreciated, requested and consumed.

Certainly one of the most deeply rooted and renowned of all is the Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa , already operational and flourishing in Nizza Monferrato during the last decade of the 19th century. The decisive stimulus for the work in the cellar came in the first years after the Second World War, when Mario Pesce , the young owner, at the time in his early twenties, began to deal personally with the management of the company. The studies carried out in Alsace and Burgundy between 1947 and 1949 gave him a culture, competence and rare preparation for that period in an Italy that was gradually, and not without difficulty, recovering from the damage inflicted by the war.

The wines of Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa

Reached in 1961 by his son-in-law Carlo Castino , an expert winemaker whose work perfectly integrates the commercial acuity and the dynamism of Pesce, Scarpa expanded his work both in Italy and on international markets and became a reference point for many wines of Piedmont . Both traditional and well-known varieties are produced, in particular Barbera , but also Freisa and Ruchè , the latter coming from other areas but now at home in the Scarpa vineyards. In 1971 an important property was purchased practically on the border line between the province of Asti and Alessandria; high above a series of hills, well exposed, windy and sunny, it now supplies the grapes for many of the house wines. For Barbaresco and Barolo based on Nebbiolo , for a long time a house specialty, the grapes come from two excellent sites, Neive , for the first, La Morra for the second. A complete line, whose classic style has for decades gained the admiration of connoisseurs from the four corners of the planet.

La Bogliona

Appellation: Barber of Asti DOCG
Grapes: Barbera 100%
Alcohol: 16%


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