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(MANDURIA – TARANTO) Apulian wines expressions of the territory are those produced by the Garofano family in Manduria in the Primitivo di Manduria area.

Antico Palmento’s History and Terroir

The company Antico Palmento is located in Apulia, in Manduria, in the northern part of Salento, among Taranto, Lecce and Brindisi along the road between Sava and Manduria. This fertile valley expanding from East to the town of Oria, and West towards the low Diavolo hills, a divide between the coastal microclimate and the more continental climate of the inland, creates these particularly significant wines. This is the heart of one of the most renowned areas, and Manduria is famous for its “Vino Primitivo”, a very ancient local variety reaching here its upmost quality.

In fact, the local varieties are the strength of Antico Palmento. This family-run company was created by the passion of  Bruno Garofano, born in Campania but transfered to Salento because of his love for this region. Having collaborated for 40 years as enologist and consultant for several wine cellars in Apulia, in 1998 he acquired a few hectares of vineyards and a millstone (in Italian palmento) dating back to the early 20th century. With the collaboration of his wife Lina and their three children, with great patience and competence Garofano transformed Antico Palmento into a solid company in the landscape of excellent winemakers.

antico palmento vini puglia

The Philosophy of the wines of Antico Palmento

The production philosophy of he Garofanos both in the vineyards and in the cellar is: No sortcuts, and very little interference. Their attention is focused on the Primitivo, main variety of this area; Primitivo di Manduria is the denomination of origin.

antico palmento puglia vini

The wines of Antico Palmento

The entire production takes place on the premises, where their consistent, careful work ensures vines that are the outcome of a continuing tradition that uses state-of-the-art technology. Its quality represents the upmost excellence of the area. The wines representing Antico Palmento and its variety are:  Acini Spargoli, a Reserve wine with a very definite character; La dolce Vite with its delicate, naturally sweet notes; Rose del Sud, a remarkable IGT; and Chiodi di Garofano. The range is completed by a very interesting white, Sorsi d’Estate. An old-fashioned Primitivo di Manduria that has a story to tell and enologic expertise, the result of years of experience that you can enjoy until the last drop.

Acini Spargoli

Appellation: Primitivo di Manduria Riserva D.O.C.
Grapes: Primitivo: 100%
Alcohol: 14,5°

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Address: Via Spaventa Silvio, 19, 74024 Manduria TA
Tel: +39 346 014 8341
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