(CETONA – SIENA) The company Barbanera is located in Cetona in the province of Siena and produces Tuscan wines such as Chianti DOCG, Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG and various Tuscan IGT wines.

The history of Barbanera wines

The Barbera company was born from the impulse of Altero and Maria Franceschini, who in 1934 decided to embark on a new adventure in the wine world by betting on the enological potential of the Val di Chiana.

Over the years the Barbanera company has been handed down from generation to generation, reaching today the fourth, and boasts a leading position among the most important realities in the province of Siena, with a vast national and international market.

The entire range of Barbanera wines counts on an annual production of about 9 million bottles of wine, distributed in 50 countries, and divided into 3 different collections that include wines from Tuscany, and from the most recent estates in Puglia and Sicily.

The company is currently coordinated by the staff of the Barbanera family led by Marco and Paolo, grandsons of the founders, assisted by the oenologist Francesco Franchetti.

The Philosophy of Blackbeard’s Wines

The quality of Barbanera wines is testified by a rigorous agronomic work in the vineyard and a careful selection of the grapes, in order to bring to the cellar only raw material of excellent quality that is a true expression of the territory.

Among the essential aspects that distinguish Blackbeard’s philosophy we find respect for human capital, through a rigorous business ethics and environmental sustainability.

In fact, Barbanera uses electricity from renewable sources, adheres to regulations regarding the reduction of consumption and waste, and emissions and boasts many certifications relating to the protection systems adopted in the workplace.

Terroir of Barbanera wines

Barbanera wines come from vineyards located on the slopes of Monte Cetona, cultivated with Guyot and Spurred Cordon breeding on hills with excellent exposure.

The typical Mediterranean climate of the 43rd parallel of Tuscany is embellished here by the good temperature ranges, and finds a winning combination with the soils rich in clay and limestone, particularly favorable for quality viticulture.

Essential ingredients that together favor an excellent ripening of the grapes, which here acquire great flavor and aromatic richness.

Wines of Barbanera

Barbanera’s wines are divided into 3 lines: Duca di Saragnano, Barbanera and Collezione Famiglia Barbanera and include wines from Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily.

Among the Barbanera wines produced in Tuscany we can mention the Chianti DOCG wines, Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, and countless IGT Tuscany wines obtained from blends of red grapes.

Of great interest is the ‘Gigino’ 80th Anniversary Toscana Rosso IGT wine, dedicated to the memory of Luigi Barbanera. It is a captivating intense and spicy red wine, aged in oak barrels and obtained from the assembly of Syrah, Merlot, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot.

Among the wines of Barbanera also the Toscana Rosso IGT from slightly withered grapes, with an enveloping character and a slight residual sugar that gives softness to be taken into consideration.

Apulian wines, such as the wines obtained from Primitivo, Nero di Troia and the Sicilian ones, obtained from Syrah and Chardonnay, should also be taken into consideration.

But the line of Barbanera wines is vast and waiting to be discovered: an interesting testimony of how quantity and quality can be combined, giving life to wines with a territorial and immediate character, with a good value for money and made with respect for the environment.

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Information & Contacts Barbanera

Address: Via del Palazzone, 4 – 53040, Fraz. Piazze – Cetona (SI)
Phone: +39 0578 244174
Tasting on the farm: YES
Direct Sales: YES