Barone di Serramarrocco

(TRAPANI) Barone di Serramarrocco produces wines in Trapani inspired by tradition but with a modern approach. The production includes wines obtained from native vines such as Pignatello, Nero d’Avola, Greco and Zibibbo but also the international Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.


The History of Barone di Serramarrocco

The Barone di Serramarrocco company is located in Fulgatore, in the province of Trapani on the slopes of Mount Erice.

Here the gaze makes room between rolling hills and wooded slopes that slope down to the Mediterranean Sea, overlooking the breezy vineyards with sea breezes.As is well known, the most beautiful places are often also the most suitable for the production of wines.

And it is in fact here that Marco di Serramarrocco, following a career in the world of finance, decided to found the Barone di Serramarrocco company in 2001, recovering the former feud that boasted a centuries-old history dating back to 1624.

The company currently has over 60 hectares of which 22 are planted with vines, identified through a meticulous zoning study to identify the most favorable soil and climate characteristics for the production of fine wines.

The Barone di Serramarrocco company specializes in the production of Sicilian wines obtained from native vines such as Nero d’Avola, Pignatello, Zibibbo and Grillo. The line is also embellished with an interesting blend inspired by the Rive Gauce of Bordeaux but in a Mediterranean key, obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Terroir of Barone di Serramarrocco wines

The vineyards of Barone di Serramarrocco are spread over 22 hectares of vineyards with variable exposures and altitudes ranging around 400 meters above sea level.

The climate here is favored by the thermoregulatory action of the Mediterranean Sea: the cool sea breeze mitigates the heat by caressing the vines in the summer months, while Mount Erice protects them in winter from the north winds, and the altitudes favor good temperature ranges, providential for the aromatic finesse of the grapes.

The soils where Barone di Serramarrocco wines are born are composed of clayey and calcareous matrices particularly rich in mineral micronutrients.

These pedoclimatic characteristics of the Barone di Serramarrocco vineyards are extremely favorable for an excellent ripening of the grapes, and for the production of wines with great structure, strength and character, especially for varieties such as the native ones of Sicily.
And the traditional vines are the protagonists of the production of Barone di Serramarrocco wines, which find an ideal habitat in the Trapani area, giving life to rich, intense wines with great olfactory expressiveness that particularly enhance the savory mineral tones, aromas deep.

Philosophy of Barone di Serramarrocco wines

The link with the Sicilian wine tradition and especially Trapani, is certainly a key element in the production of Barone di Serramarrocco wines. Tradition, however, as well as it was learned in Sicily, cannot ignore the dialectic with the present to be effective.

For this reason Barone di Serramarrocco produces almost exclusively vines belonging to the Sicilian tradition by adopting modern wine making techniques, maximizing the potential offered by the Trapani area.

Another essential aspect for the production of Barone di Serramarrocco wines is full respect for biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

In fact, the company operates organic farming, even if not certified, adopting choices with minimal environmental impact. Barone di Serramarrocco is also one of the first companies in western Sicily to have experimented with quality viticulture by adopting a lower production of grapes per vine and greater density per hectare (in some cases even 9000 plants per hectare). A strategy that represents a novelty in this territory, but which has been widely tested successfully by prestigious companies in Bordeaux but also in Eastern Sicily.

Wines of Barone di Serramarrocco

The production of Barone di Serramarrocco wines reflects the tradition of the Trapenese wines.

Particularly interesting among the wines is Barone di Serramarrocco, obtained from Pignatello in purity, which represents the flagship of the production, made from the most suitable vineyards of the company.

It is a courageous wine of rare elegance that bets on enhancing the varietal character of Pignatello. The Baron of Serramarrocco presses on the nose with eloquent floral and fruity aromas, enriched by the sweet spices of the skilfully integrated Troncais barriques.

Among the red wines of great interest also Serramarrocco, a sort of Sicilian interpretation of the Bordeaux blend based on Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. It is a voluminous wine, with a sensational polyphenolic set and penetrating fruity aromas, embellished with roasting tones and balsamic nuances.

Also of great interest is the excellent white wine ‘Grillo del Barone’, a wine of great flavor that spreads penetrating sensations of exotic fruits and yellow flesh, floral “nuances” of chamomile, and embellished with hints of salt.

Among the white wines, the ‘Quojane di Serramarrocco’ also stands out, obtained from Zibibbo, a white wine of sensational structure and enveloping, which traces seductive citrus notes to the nose, and tropical fruits flanked by wild fennel and reminiscences of Mediterranean scrub.

Among the other wines of Barone di Serramarrocco there is the Sammarcello, obtained from Pignatello. It is the most representative red wine of the company: long-limbed and floral, very smooth and immediate on the palate. Ideal in combination with hors d’oeuvres based on Sicilian cured meats and cheeses.The production of Barone di Serramarrocco wines ends with two wines with excellent gastronomic potential such as Baglio di Serramarrocco and Nero di Serramarrocco, both obtained from Nero d’Avola , an unmissable native Sicilian vine.

All wines of great character, which combine great olfactory finesse, flavor and richness on the palate. A testimony once again of the great expressive potential of the Trapani terroir.

Wines of Barone di Serramarrocco selected by Italy’s Finest Wines


Appellation: Terre Siciliane IGP
Grapes: Pignatello 100%
Alcohol 13,5%


Appellation: Terre Siciliane IGP
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 85%, Cabernet Franc 15%
Alcohol 13,5%


Appellation: Terre Siciliane IGP
Grapes: Zibibbo 100%
Alcohol 12,5%

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Address: Via Alcide De Gasperi 15, 91100 Fulgatore (TP)
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