Top 20 Wines of Etna (2023)

What are the best wines of Etna? Discover our list with photos, description and tasting of the best 20 best Etna wines. From the most famous wines to the lesser known ones of the best cellars of Etna.

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What are the best wines of Etna? Among the best wines of Etna we can mention those obtained from native varieties such as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio for red wines, Carricante and Catarratto for white wines. The territory also produces countless wines from international grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Let’s briefly discover some of the characteristics of some of the best Etna wines

Carricante & Catarratto

Certainly among the best wines of Etna there is Carricante, often accompanied by its complementary vine Catarratto, which gives life to many immediate and simple white wines for daily consumption, but also to some of the most elegant, complex, long-lived, fully title among the best Italian white wines. In evolution, in Carricante it develops fascinating aromas that embellish its bouquet with notes of hydrocarbons and brackish nuances.

Nerello Mascalese & Nerello Cappuccio

Among the best wines of Etna there is the Nerello Mascalese, a red wine widespread mainly in the Etna area, where it is often vinified with the complementary Nerello Cappuccio. Nerello Mascalese gives life to wines of great mineral sapidity and soft tannins, characterized by seductive aromas of red, spicy fruits and Mediterranean scrub.



Where are the best Etna wines born? The wines of Etna owe its success to the savoir-faire of the cellars but also to the intrinsic enological vocation of the Etna terroir: while the climate of Sicily of the 37th parallel is typically Mediterranean, it becomes continental and alpine in the higher areas of the Etna.

Here, in fact, the important altitudes (the vine is cultivated up to 1300 s.l.m) greatly accentuate the temperature variations, thus giving the grapes a sensational freshness and aromas of rare elegance.

The wines of Etna come from medium-textured, dry and sandy soils of volcanic origin, very draining and rich in microelements, and give the wines an excellent flavor.


What are the best wines of Etna? So let’s see together a list of the 20 best Etna wines and discover their characteristics with our tasting so that everyone can find the best Etna wines suited to their tastes.

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Etna Rosso DOC ‘Vico Prephylloxera’ 2017 – Tenute Bosco

The nose opens as fruity notes of black cherry and mulberry on display, followed by vegetal, spicy and delicate hints of patchouli and Mediterranean scrub. On the palate it is opulent, juicy and passionate, with compact and polymerized tannins and an imperishable persistence finish.

A deep wine, of great concentration and with a sensational and varied taste-olfactory expressiveness. It is a maieutic wine: an assertive revealer of unspoken truths. Duty to rank it among the best wines of Etna.

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 90%, Nerello Cappuccio 10%

Anima Ardente 2018 – Contrada Santo Spirito di Passopisciaro

Characteristics: Wide and captivating bouquet: opens on fragrant brushstrokes of black currant, black cherries and blackberries, to continue towards balsamic stamps of resin, eucalyptus and wild nipitella. The sip is very long, well balanced in its components and with continuous juicy and balsamic returns.

One of the best expressions of Nerello Mascalese: a material wine, which masterfully combines intensity and finesse. To be counted among the best wines of Etna for the sensational varietal clarity of Nerello Mascalese.
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 100%

Etna Rosso DOC Prephylloxera La vigna di Don Peppino 2017 – Tenuta delle Terre Nere 

Description: Brushstrokes of rose petals, plums and raspberries in syrup give way to clear notes of graphite, humus and nutmeg. On the palate it is sumptuous, with a sculptural body animated by a lively minerality that makes it vertical and expansive.

Rare pearl of Etna viticulture, it impeccably expresses the essence of Etna, incisive and with an unmistakable character. Among the best red wines of Etna, chapeau!

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio.

Etna Rosso Erse Contrada Moscamento 1911 2017 – Tenuta di Fessina

Characteristics: The nose is clear and fragrant, with characteristic notes of wild raspberry, blueberries, black licorice, humus, cloves and tar. In the mouth it is full and dense, with a velvety tannic texture that envelops the sip towards a very pleasant salty trail of great persistence.

The Etna Rosso of Tenuta di Fessina is a fabric wine, a virtuous expression of Nerello Mascalese of great taste-olfactory involvement. Silvia Maestrelli has marked the history of the Etna wine renaissance with her irreducible and sunny passion and trust in the territory. Without any doubt among the best wines of Etna for sincere character

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 100%

Arcurìa Sopra il Pozzo’ 2015 – DOC Etna Rosso – Graci

Titillates the nose with incisive notes of wild strawberries, raspberry, orange peel, embellished with tones of candied Mediterranean scrub, black pepper and woody tones. Galvanizes the palate with thick but smooth tannin synergistically linked to a strong acidity that favors drinking. Very persistent finish in which the fruit and notes of garrigue echo.

One of the leading representatives of Etna wines. Mediterranean character, the nose is a delicate prelude that spreads sensationally opulent on the sip: powerful but silky tannins and penetrating olfactory intensity. Fully among the best wines of Etna.

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 100%

Contrada R Passopisciaro 2018 – Passopisciaro

Caratteristiche:  Stratificate sensazioni su sentori nitidi di fragolina di bosco e lampone selvatico a cui si aggiungono suggestioni di resina, epifanie di cioccolata di modica e reminiscenze di mentuccia selvatica. Il sorso è scorrevole con trama tannica di straordinaria finezza a cui fa contraltare una piacevole sapidità minerale che amplifica le sensazioni al palato.

Una di una delle più iconiche e storiche cantine dell’Etna. Vino fresco, longilineo e dal tannino incalzante grande identità territoriale. Tra i migliori vini dell’Etna per capacità di massimizzare le potenzialità espressive del Nerello Mascalese.

Vitigni: Nerello Mascalese 100%
Prezzo indicativo: 55€

Feudo Etna Rosso DOC 2016 – Girolamo Russo 

Description: A large bouquet stands out on the nose, ranging from notes of rose, morello cherry, red currant and Mediterranean scrub to toasted and balsamic hints. When tasted, it envelops the mouth in a dense and enveloping sip, supported by a nice savory vein that ranges over a spicy finish with good persistence.

Iconic representation of Nerello Mascalese, it is a seraphic and fascinating wine, with a granular and very pleasant minerality. Deservedly among the best wines of Etna
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 100%
Approximate price: 55 €

Vigneri di Salvo Foti – Vinupetra Etna Rosso DOC – 2016

Characteristics: Opens in a kaleidoscope of notes of wild raspberry, blueberries, black licorice, humus, cloves and tar. In the mouth it is full and dense, with a velvety tannic texture that envelops the sip towards a very pleasant salty trail of great persistence. It is produced with grapes grown at an altitude of 700 meters

From the genius loci of Etna, Salvo Foti, an artisanal wine, a sincere and uncompromising expression of the Etna terroir. Among the best wines of Etna for identity and elegance.

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Alicante

Nerello Mascalese ‘Vigne Vecchie’ 2010Calabretta

Description: The olfactory picture is enveloped by a broad and detailed olfactory bouquet: it seduces with tones of dried violet, cherries in alcohol, plum and empyheumatic nuances. The mouth is full and overwhelming with great extract, characterized by a very long finish with balsamic echoes. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts, aging 7 years in Slavonian oak barrels and 1 year in bottle.

An iconic interpretation of Nerello Mascalese: a synthesis of territoriality, craftsmanship and evolution. Fully among the best wines of Etna for the overwhelming and inexorable persistence on the palate and enhancement of the aging potential of Nerello Mascalese.

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 95%, Nerello Cappuccio 5%

Etna Rosso DOC Contrada Santo Spirito – Particella 468 2016 – Palmento Costanzo

Characteristics: It spreads to the intense and complex nose, articulated between blackberries, raspberries and wild strawberries, flanked by suggestions of black pepper and echoes of roasting and undergrowth. The sip is enthralling, with well-traced and smooth tannins supported by a granular iodized flavor that gives great freshness. Final on the fruit and spices, of great harmony and cleanliness.

A unique wine, born from centuries-old vineyards, the undisputed witness of the excellence of Etna. Among the best wines of Etna for its sumptuous and eloquent drink.

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 90%, Nerello Cappuccino 10%

Etna Rosso Riserva ‘Monte Gorna’ 2013Cantine Nicosia

Characteristics: Striking with fragrant notes of wild raspberries and mulberry followed by potpourri of violets and sweet autumn spices. On the palate it is enveloping, with a caressing and silky tannic texture and an intriguing savory vein that gives it smoothness. Refine 24 months in second and third passage barriques and at least 12 months in bottle

A red that makes us travel to the volcanic lands of Etna, with a fruity drink and a pressing flavor. Among the best wines of Etna for territorial and varietal identity. Excellent value for money.

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 90% and Nerello Cappuccio 10%

Etna Rosso DOC Qubba 2018 – Monteleone

Characteristics: Black cherry jam, dehydrated plums and wild strawberries are mixed with delicate brushstrokes of sweet tobacco, graphite and flint. The entrance on the palate is supported by sculptural tannins, in synergy with an intriguing savory vein that culminates in a finish of great enveloping and softness.

A unique wine, to be loved for its fruity charm and full and well-structured taste. Sublime expression of Nerello Mascalese, Qubba is to be counted fully among the best wines of Etna.
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 100%


Etna Bianco DOC ‘Le Vigne Niche – Calderara Sottana’  2019 – Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Characteristics: It opens on citrus and mineral notes, on which the lemon peel, yellow grapefruit, pear, flint and graphite stand out. On the palate it is very fresh, made snappy by an acid vein with brackish references. Great retro-olfactory persistence.

A visceral, volcanic wine, a riot of fruit and minerality. Fully among the best wines of Etna for the intriguing note of alternating iodized flavor and acidity, which creates an intriguing and engaging dialectic.
Grapes: Carricante 100%

‘Pietra Marina’ Etna Bianco DOC Superiore 2017– Benanti

Characteristics: On the nose, notes of bergamot, pink grapefruit, yellow peach and lychee stand out, enriched by very delicate hints of hay and flint. On the palate it is juicy, with a powerful acid blade that pulls the sip towards a salty finish with slightly almond returns. Excellent persistence.

An overwhelming white, which envelops the drink in a kaleidoscope of juicy and saline sensations. To be counted among the best wines of Etna for the enhancement of the Carricante grape, explosive and highly recognizable.

Grapes: Carricante 100%

Etna Bianco DOC ‘Arcuria’ 2018Graci

Characteristics: Lysergic aromatic range characterized by orange blossom, passion fruit and wild fennel. The sip is intense, savory, made lively by a strong acidity that enhances the long and fragrant finish of imperishable persistence.

One of the most iconic wines of Etna: Among the best wines of Etna for harmony and richness. A vibrant Etna Bianco with unusual elegance and eloquence.

Grapes: Carricante 100%

Etna Bianco Superiore 2016 – Barone di Villagrande

Wide and varied nose, articulated on wild herbs, broom, peach and grapefruit, embellished with notes of pastry and smoky hints. On the palate it flows dense and sinuous, with a savory granular acidity that leaves the mouth very fresh and satisfied. Great persistence with continuous fruity returns.

A glyceric sip wine and at the same time very fresh, pulpy and brackish. Reference point of Etna viticulture. The Etna Bianco Superiore wine of Barone di Villagrande is a unique wine, fully among the best wines of Etna.

Grapes: Carricante 90%, 10% native vines

Etna Bianco DOC Alta Mora 2019 – Cusumano

Characteristics: White peach and yellow melon are the overture together with delicate notes of thyme, licorice, flint and rocky echoes. The sip is agile and urgent, animated by a minerality of backbone that leaves the mouth fresh and satisfied.

A tantalizing wine already on the nose, characterized by a wide mineral and balsamic breath. Volcanic wine par excellence, Alta mora is a vibrant and intense white, to be counted among the best wines of Etna.

Grapes: Carricante 100%

Etna Bianco DOC Pietrarizzo 2019 – Tornatore

Characteristics: Olfactory range played on exotic yellow pulp fruit, mandarin, wild nipitella and brackish sensations. The taste confirms the sense of smell, with a full and fruity sip, characterized by saline suggestions that give length and character. Finale of excellent persistence.

Harmonious, juicy and salty wine, deservedly among the best wines of Etna for territorial expressiveness and strength on the palate.

Grapes: Carricante and Cataratto

Etna Bianco DOC Trainara 2018 – Generazione Alessandro 

Characteristics: Olfactory texture characterized by citrus notes of pink grapefruit and cedar, white peach and aromatic reflections of sage and Mediterranean scrub. Savory and very fresh palate, with a very pleasant saline graininess and strong acidity. Good persistence.

A very fresh white, a synthesis of fruit and balsamic. Fully among the best wines of Etna for the whimsical and incisive sip in which the essence of the territory echoes the protagonist.

Grapes: Carricante and Catarratto

What are the best wines of Etna?

What are the best wines of Etna? Choosing is a difficult undertaking, which however inevitably is subject to the limits of a subjective opinion, which as such, by definition, is deficient and arbitrary.

We have simply compiled a list of our favorite interpretations according to our evaluations. However, it remains essential to underline that wine is not born as a status symbol, to be exhibited or flaunted coram populo.

But to excite us and be shared in a genuine way with the people we love, binding ourselves to contingent situations and to the unrepeatable and intimate moments of our life.

Therefore, we invite you to visit wineries and get to know the producers who produce wines in their uniqueness, so that you can independently discover and choose the wine that can be counted for you among your personal favorite wines. If you have had the patience to read this far, thank you for your attention, but now is the time to fill the glasses and cut the distant hopes, and therefore:

Cheers, Salute, Santé

Jean Marco Palmieri