Best 20 Italian Pinot Noir Wines (2023)

What are the best Pinot Noirs? A list with photos, description and tasting of the 20 best Italian Pinot Noir wines, value for money. From the most famous Pinot Noirs to the lesser known ones of the best companies. To learn more about the regional excellences, read also the article dedicated to the best Pinot Noir from Trentino Alto Adige and the best Pinot Noir from Tuscany.

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Pinot Noir in Italy


Pinot Noir is a red grape variety originating from Burgundy, considered among the most elegant and refined for its seductive aromas, soft color and silky tannins. It is also among the most difficult grape varieties to interpret due to its intrinsic sensitivity and need in terms of terroir. In fact, Pinot Noir finds its maximum expression in cool and temperate climates and requires constant and meticulous agronomic work.

Italy has given birth to countless virtuous interpretations of Pinot Noir vinified in red: for example, one can find Pinot Noir of great interest in the Mazzon plateau, in Alto Adige, a real flagship of Pinot Noir in Italy.

Also worth discovering is the Pinot Noir of Lombardy, where it has found an ideal habitat among the enchanting hills shrouded by the fog of the Oltrepò Pavese, or in Tuscany, where the climate towards the Apennines becomes more continental, as in Mugello and Casentino. Also to be taken into consideration in Pinot Noir, often more slender and immediate, produced in Veneto in the Breganze area and close to Lake Garda. Also of great interest are the imaginative results obtained on the slopes of Mount Etna, where the high altitudes make it possible to compensate with the Sicilian latitudes, which otherwise would not be congenial to Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir is also, on the leitmotiv of the great wines of Champagne, among the pillars of prestigious classic method sparkling wines such as Franciacorta, Oltrepo ‘Pavese, Trento DOC and Alta Langa.

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Best 20 Italian Pinot Noirs – Recommended by Jean Marco Palmieri

What are the best Pinot Noirs vinified in red?

Let’s find out together the updated list of the 20 best Italian Pinot Noirs with photos and tastings, so that everyone can find the best Italian Pinot Noir suited to their tastes.

Discover also the articles dedicated to the best Pinot Noirs of Tuscany and the best Pinot Noirs of Trentino Alto Adige

Pinot Nero ‘Ponkler’ 2016 – Franz Haas

Description: Galvanizes the nose with hints of blueberries and strawberries to which are added suggestions of withered flowers, undergrowth, vanilla and dark chocolate.

The sip is intense with a sculptural tannic texture, assisted by a pounding acidity that gives great drinkability, harmony and balance.

Reference point of Pinot Noir throughout Italy, Ponkler by Franz Haas is an iconic, sophisticated and penetrating wine.

Impeccable interpretation of the vine, it is to be counted fully among the best Pinot Noirs in Italy.
Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero Riserva ‘Vigna Ganger’ 2019 – Girlan

DescriptionThe olfactory framework is complex and intense: it ranges from red currant and cinnamon, to which are added notes of medicinal herbs, violet and patchouli.

On the palate it is voluminous, with well-defined silky tannins and a good backbone acidity that gives freshness and verticality.

Clean, harmonious finish, with great length on the fruit.

One of the best Italian Pinot Noirs for complexity and overall balance, seductive and refined, with very eloquent aromas.

Region: South Tyrol

Pinot Nero Riserva ‘Monticol’ 2019 – Cantina Terlano

Description: Brushstrokes of currants and raspberries blend with nuances of withered flowers and autumnal spices.

On the palate it is silky, with a delicate acid blade that assists the drink. Delicate and persistent closure.

A velvety Pinot Noir, with captivating aromas of great typicality. Deservedly among the best Pinot Noirs in Italy for smoothness and sharpness of the fruit.
Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero ‘Hermius’ 2019 – Panizzi

Description: Captivating between red currant, pomegranate grains, eucalyptus and white chocolate. On the palate it is intense, juicy and enveloping, with a finish of good persistence on the fruit.

Hermius is the new label of the iconic San Gimignano Panizzi winery. It is an imaginative wine that expresses the unmistakable refined varietal character of Pinot Nero on the nose and that reveals itself on the palate with the richness and mineral flavor that distinguishes the San Gimignano terroir.

Surely among the best Pinot Noirs for its ability to renew the native Burgundy vine in an unprecedented and territorial key. Excellent value for money.
Tuscany region

Pinot Nero Riserva ‘Anrar’ 2019 – Andriano

Description: Spreads captivating notes of wild berries in jam, followed by a more austere character of goudron, tobacco and toasted notes. It stimulates the palate with a silky tannin and a good acidity that favors drinkability. Great flavor and excellent persistence.

‘AnRar’: a label that underlines the rarity of the wine and its origin, born from a very high quality cooperative. Among the best Pinot Noirs in Italy: opulent, savory and exciting.

Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero ‘Fallwind’ Riserva 2019San Michele Appiano

Description: Blueberries and ripe blackberry followed by undergrowth, balsamic and spicy suggestions. Soft and smooth on the palate with dashed tannins and well integrated with the acidity that gives freshness.

A fascinating wine, which combines drinkability and character. One of the best Italian Pinot Noirs value for money.

Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero 2017 – Elisabetta Dalzocchio

Description: Spreads intense ripe berries, raspberry, white chocolate and tobacco. In the mouth it is enveloping and savory with a well-defined and smooth tannin.

Good persistence on the fruit.

Deservedly one of the best Italian Pinot Noirs for olfactory eloquence: pressing on the nose and palate and capable of skilfully balancing finesse and strength.
Region: Trentino

Pinot Noir 2019 ‘Praesulis’ – Gumphof

Description: Olfactory spreads intense notes of wild strawberries, black cherry, musk, autumn spices and roasting.

Accentuated but smooth tannins and synergistically linked to a pressing and captivating acidity of backbone.

An engaging wine full of surprises, which combines volume and freshness in an exceptional way. Deservedly among the best Italian Pinot Noirs.

Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero ‘Mason di Mason’ 2019 – Manincor

Description: It opens on the nose, clean and fragrant with intense hints of ripe berries, cherries in alcohol to which are added notes of graphite and humus.

The palate is juicy with silky tannins, of good persistence. Fruity closure of excellent persistence.

Opulent without sacrificing finesse, ‘Mason di Mason’ deserves to be counted among the best Italian Pinot Noirs for complexity and smoothness.

Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero ‘Bachmann’ 2019 – Kellerei Bozen

Description: It suggests intense aromas of red berries, vanilla, humus and epiphanies of wild walks.

The sip is enveloping and soft, with a strong tannin and a pressing acidity.

In its own right, one of the best Italian Pinot Noirs: an elegant riot of fruit, an impeccable expression of the territory.

Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero ‘Filari di Mazzon’ 2019 – Tenuta Ferruccio Carlotto

Description: Galvanizes the nose with nuances of small red fruits such as raspberries and wild strawberries, embellished with reminiscences of undergrowth, humus and medicinal herbs.

In the mouth it has silky tannins and an excellent acidity of backbone that gives drinkability and freshness.

An unusual persistence finish in which the varietal aromas of Pinot Nero echo clearly.
Long-limbed wine of great freshness that fascinates with its sensational taste-olfactory eloquence. Certainly among the best Italian Pinot Noirs.

Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero ‘Vigna Baragazza’ 2019 – Marchesi Pancrazi

Description: On the nose, notes of wild strawberries, raspberry and eucalyptus stand out, embellished with delicate autumn spices and medicinal herbs.

On the palate it is juicy and savory with sweet tannins integrated synergistically with a strong acidity. Sensational persistence on the fruit.

Vigna Baragazza is an elegant and slender label, a virtuous interpretation of the territory. Full title among the best Italian Pinot Noirs for the enhancement of the grape variety and the taste-olfactory complexity.

Tuscany region

Pinot Nero 2019 – Hartmann Donà

Description: A riot of candied red fruit, black cherry and plums that fade towards withered flowers, licorice and mentholated sensations. The sip is soft and balanced, with a good savory vein.

One of the best Italian Pinot Noirs for fullness and olfactory eloquence, sumptuous synthesis of pulp and balsamic quality.

Region: South Tyrol / South Tyrol

Pinot Nero ‘Noir’ 2019 – Tenuta Mazzolino

Description: Titilla the slumbering nose with incisive notes of red currant, morello cherry and delicate woody notes. On the palate it is broad and intense, with thick but smooth tannins synergistically linked to a tantalizing acidity that favors drinking. Final with delicate references to the fruit and spices.

Impeccable value for money, one of the best expressions of Italian Pinot Noir from Oltrepò Pavese.

Lombardy region

Pinot Nero ‘L’ Emerico’ 2019 – Ottin

Description: olfactory sensation layered on wild strawberries, white pepper, orange peel and pellennate of alpine flora. The palate is fresh, enveloping and caressing, with a very pleasant smooth tannin. Great persistence with hints of fruit and vegetables.

Ottin gives us a label of rare elegance, with a highly recognizable olfactory finesse. Deservedly among the best Pinot Noirs for enological precision and enjoyment at the sip.

Region: Aosta Valley

Pinot Nero Elevé en Fut de Chene ‘Semel Pater’ 2020- Anselmet

Description: The nose is complex and fine, outlining notes of raspberry, and undergrowth alongside nuances of medicinal herbs, white chocolate, suggestions of coffee powder and spicy tones of black pepper. The sip is lively with a strong acidity that gives sensational freshness and silky tannins synergistically linked to a mineral flavor that amplifies the sip.

A long-limbed wine of extraordinary elegance and expressiveness. A very exciting interpretation of Pinot Noir, fully among the best in Italy for its ability to combine volume, freshness and drinkability.

Region: Aosta Valley

Pinot Nero ‘Pernice’ 2019 – Conte Vistarino

Description: With an affable nose of morello cherry and cherry that gradually makes room for more austere, toasted and roasted notes.

In the mouth it is juicy and velvety, with an engaging and measured tannic texture and an excellent persistence with references to the fruit.

One of the best Italian Pinot Noirs, elegant and engaging, with a fruity finish of sensational persistence.
Lombardy region

Pinot Nero ‘Fortuni’ 2015 – Podere Fortuna

Description: The nose opens with notes of cherry, currant, wild blackberry and fresh rose, followed by balsamic and undergrowth suggestions.

On the palate it is long and balanced, with a good savory vein that gives it freshness. Persistent closure on the fruit and spices.

A fresh Pinot Noir from Tuscany wrapped in an elegant balsamic mantle and with officinal references, very convincing. Deservedly among the best Italian Pinot Noirs.
Area: Tuscany

Pinot Nero ‘Ventisei’ 2019 – Il Rio

Description: It reveals itself to the penetrating and eloquent nose, pressing on notes of small red fruits, followed by notes of fields of poppies and aromatic herbs and sweet spices.

The sip is warm and vigorous with a measured tannic texture and expansive acidity.

One of the best Italian Pinot Noirs: it opens like a peacock tail, a refined nose that spreads wide and vigorous on the palate.
Tuscany region

What are the best Italian Pinot Noirs?

What are the best Italian Pinot Noirs? Choosing is a difficult undertaking, which however inevitably is subject to the limits of a subjective opinion, which as such, by definition, is deficient and arbitrary.

We have simply compiled a list of our favorite interpretations according to our evaluations. However, it remains essential to underline that wine is not born as a status symbol, to be exhibited or flaunted coram populo.

But to excite us and be shared in a genuine way with the people we love, binding ourselves to contingent situations and to the unrepeatable and intimate moments of our life.

Therefore, we invite you to visit wineries and get to know the producers who produce wines in their uniqueness, so that you can independently discover and choose the wine that can be counted for you among your personal favorite wines. If you have had the patience to read this far, thank you for your attention, but now is the time to fill the glasses and cut the distant hopes, and therefore:

Cheers, Salute, Santé

Jean Marco Palmieri