Best 10 Professional Red and White Wine Glasses (2022)

What are the best professional wine glasses? Discover our list of the best red, white and sparkling wine glasses. You will find professional wine glasses that are the most highly rated internationally. Discover also the articles dedicated to the best refrigerated wine cellars and the best wooden wine cellars.


Why is an appropriate wine glass important? The aeration of the wine favored by the wine glass is a very important part in the tasting because it allows the volatile components to be released, favoring a sharper and more expressive olfactory perception.

In fact, without an adequate wine glass the aroma of the wine could not express itself at its best, compromising the tasting.

For complex red wines, glasses with a wider drinking glass are generally preferred, while for white and rosé wines, the practice dictates that glasses with a narrower and elongated drink are used. There are also various types of wine glasses designed for specific vines and types of wine (e.g. Wine glass for Pinot Noir, Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Sweet Wine, Orange Wine etc).

Among the various types of wine glasses there are also glasses defined as ‘universal’, designed to adapt in a versatile way to many different types of wines. Let’s find out some parameters to consider when buying a wine glass:


  1. QUALITY – High quality wines deserve wine glasses at the height to be able to sensorially maximize the tasting experience. In fact, countless studies have shown that the quality of the glass stimulates our brain to be more receptive to the perception of the quality of wine, both from an olfactory and tactile point of view.
  2. MATERIAL – The materials with which the wine glasses are produced are: glass (consisting mainly of silicon oxide) or crystal glass (to which 10 and 30% lead oxide is added to the silicon oxide). The crystal is brighter and in contact with the palate it gives a generally more pleasant tactile sensation. Alternatively, a quality thin glass wine glass can be a viable and good value option.
  3. DESIGN – Many wine glasses have an attractive design and differentiated in the smallest details according to each type of wine. However, consider that the more irregular the design of the glasses, the more difficult they will be to wash. Furthermore, the more conventional truncated cone structure is shown to be the best performing for enhancing the aromas of wine.
  4. PRICE – The cost of wine glasses can vary from 10 euros per glass up to over 100 euros per piece for some particular types of crystal glasses. It is therefore important to evaluate, depending on the type of tasting, which is the ideal price range for the purchase of wine glasses. Many companies create similar lines but differentiated according to the contexts of use (catering, private individuals, wine bars etc.)
  5. RESISTANCE AND CLEANING– Some glasses (especially crystal glasses) are very thin and fragile. Conversely, glass tumblers, although they have less charm, are more durable and often easy to wash even in the dishwasher.

BEST 10 WINE GLASSES – Recommended by Jean Marco Palmieri

What are the best wine glasses?

So let’s find out a list with photos, information and prices on the best wine glasses on an international level. You will find ideas of red wine glasses, white wine glasses, sparkling wine glasses and universal glasses.

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Thanks to an elegant and exclusive design, the Zalto Universal glass is an ‘all-round’ glass for both red and white wines.

This mouth-blown glass is famous for its usability: it emphasizes the harmony, refinement and richness of a wide range of wines. The Zalto Universal glass has been named the perfect Riesling glass by wine lovers around the world. Furthermore, the glass lends itself to wines of a certain depth and integrity such as Chianti, Chardonnay, Montalcino and white Burgundy.

The Zalto Universal glass is a perfect entry into the Zalto world, where functionality and design go hand in hand to accompany you in the best tasting experience. Fully qualified among the best wine glasses.



Each Gold Edition wine glass is painstakingly mouth blown by a European master craftsman like a seamless, extremely light and elegant vessel.

Shaped to enhance the aroma and flavor of any style of wine, this truly extraordinary universal wine glass is a must for any wine lover.

The Gold Edition glass weighs just 90 grams. It is extremely elegant and delicate, yet incredibly durable and dishwasher safe.

When you do it right, you just need the Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition ‘One for All’. Fully qualified among the best wine glasses.



Among the best wine glasses to mention the Riedel Performance line. With three generations of research, development and experience in the creation of functional glasses made according to the specificities of the grape varieties, Georg and Maximilian Riedel have put themselves to the test to overcome the results already obtained.

From their commitment, Performance was born, a technologically advanced and easy-to-use collection of glasses made according to the specificity of the variety and grape variety.

Performance is the first range of Riedel wine glasses whose drinks have a slight optical EFFECT.

The Performance collection, light and resistant, includes seven machine-made shapes suitable for the dishwasher and is characterized by the choice of a fine bright crystal, with thin stems and a wide and stable support base.

The new forms of the Performance range drink, combined with the optical EFFECT, enhance the taste of wine to the maximum, making Performance an unmissable collection for all oenophiles. Fully qualified among the best wine glasses.



Among the various wine glasses, INTENSE is ideal for opulent and growing white and red wines, rustic and sour white and red wines, young and middle-aged Bordeaux wines.The tapered neck of this glass intensifies the aromatic molecules, which are positively expelled from the glass.The acidity is harmoniously structured in the fruit bouquet and completes the opulent sensation of overall strength.The glass provides intense oxidation, making it ideal for any wine that can be poured or served in carafes .

Each glass is unique and was created using lead-free crystal glass through a traditional method of blowing glass.In addition to having a perfect, highly sophisticated and fascinating design, the VISION range glasses are guaranteed to provide the maximum aroma and a However, it is above all the charm of the light, the colors and the depth of vision that make it impossible to look away from the glass. ‘One of the best wine glasses.



This sublime collection of wine glasses is inspired by the delicate long-stemmed roses that grow near the RIEDEL plant in Kufstein. Long stems are a specific feature of this series and represent a great achievement for machine-made glassware production.

Maximilian Riedel, CEO of the company’s 11th generation, explains: ‘Our experts have achieved the maximum achievable with machine production. The length of the stems has led them to push themselves to the limits of technical feasibility. This is precisely what inspired the name of the series of these wine glasses: RIEDEL Max, which means ‘maximum’. ‘

The series includes three shapes: Cabernet, Riesling and Champagne glass. Each glass is 30cm / 11.8in high, to create aesthetic uniformity on the table.

RIEDEL Max is made of high quality crystal, machine made and dishwasher safe. Deservedly among the best wine glasses.



Among the various wine glasses, the Synergie Signature P. Jamesse, a benchmark for sparkling wines, cannot be missing.

Elegant and spherical, the curves of the P. Jamesse Collection wine glasses exquisitely reveal the nuances of color, energy and fragrances of great wines. After two years of research and development, the innovative “Ultralight” process is finally available.

This manufacturing technique, which combines exceptional finesse and excellent lightness, gives a unique effect to Lehmann’s hand-blown collections.

Duly among the best wine glasses.


RIEDEL – LINEA WINEWINGS (Cabernet Sauvignon)

The Cabernet Sauvignon wine glass from the Winewings line is perfect for vigorous and complex red wines.

Its unique flat base design highlights the primary fruity aromas, allowing the bouquet to manifest in every detail. The bitter tannins typical of thick-skinned red wine grapes balance the intensity of the flavor.

RIEDEL Winewings is an extremely functional collection of glasses, which makes the aromas and flavors of wine soar. Available in seven new shapes, these flat-bottomed glasses resemble the wings of an airplane.

The base offers the wine a greater surface area in the glass, allowing the evaporation levels to be increased and the aroma to be intensified. Machine made and dishwasher safe. Certainly among the best wine glasses.



Among the various wine glasses, the Flavoursome & Spicy Simply by Zwiesel Glas deserves a mention.

The Zwiesel Glas Simplify Flavoursome & Spicy wine glass is very versatile and will satisfy lovers of white and red wine of all types.

Try this glass with white wines such as Chardonnay, Semillon and Silvaner, but also red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux blends and Pinot Noir. Its ductility is perfect for optimally developing the bouquet of a multitude of wines.

Deservedly among the best wine glasses.



The models, all very light, share the carefully studied shape of the drinks, and the very feminine design of the stem. Jeannie describes the glasses called with the acronym of her name in this way: ‘I worked for three years on this collection, to make the most versatile, useful and beautiful glasses. When it is tasted in the glass which, in terms of shape, size, proportions and quality, is more suited to her style, the wine sings in a different tone: it becomes more refined, expressive and complex. ‘

The name of the three models – JCL8C, JCL15C and JCL18C – recalls a very important element for a correct tasting: the degrees centigrade at which the wine should ideally be served, in that specific glass. Without doubt among the best wine glasses.



This glass is part of the TRE SENSI collection: developed in collaboration with the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS), it guarantees the best experience in wine tasting by involving sight, smell and taste.

The large glass, which has a capacity of 54.5 cl. lends itself to the service of structured red wines.

Like the other glasses in the collection, this model is distinguished by two important technical characteristics.
The stem of the glass, produced in a single piece with the cup, is subjected to a particular traction and hot working.

The use of the laser beam in the edge cutting phase allows the creation of products with (drinking) edges, linear and homogeneous, which respond specifically to the demands of professional tasting. Among the best wine glasses for value for money.



What are the best wine glasses? Choosing is a difficult undertaking, which however inevitably is subject to the limits of a subjective opinion, which as such, by definition, is deficient and arbitrary.

We have simply compiled a list of our favorite interpretations according to our evaluations. However, it remains essential to underline that wine is not born to be prestigious, exhibited or flaunted.

But to excite us and be shared in a genuine way with the people we love, binding ourselves to contingent situations and to the unrepeatable and intimate moments of our life.

Therefore, we invite you to try each wine glass in its uniqueness, so that you can independently discover and choose the glass that can be counted for you among your personal favorites. If you have had the patience to read this far, thank you for your attention, but now is the time to fill the glasses and cut distant hopes, and therefore:

Cheers, Salute, Santé

Jean Marco Palmieri