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(FIRENZE) Bibi Graetz is one of the best wine producers in Tuscany, which has become famous for its Soffocone di Vincigliata, Colore, Testamatta Rosso and Bianco wines. Its grapes come from vines of about 80 years of age, the autochthonous: Sangiovese, Colorino and Cannaiolo. The Bibi Graetz estate is located in Vincigliata, a small village behind the Fiesole hill.

The history of Bibi Graetz wines


Bibi Graetz wines are born in Vincigliata is a very small and ancient village behind the hill of Fiesole, in the province of Florence. A place where the Tuscan landscape blends harmoniously with the nearby city.

Famous for the medieval Castello di Vincigliata dating back to 1031, it has seen important historical events over the centuries, but here the land has always been worked and handed down and where time seems suspended, in fact the Bibi Graetz estate rises around the castle grounds , owned by the company since 1960.
The current visionary owner Bibi Graetz, began his journey towards the passion for viticulture in 1995, at the time a painter graduated from the Academy of Art and the son of a sculptor, slowly he felt an increasingly strong call for what then , from 2000, it will become its main activity: wine producer, a rising star for a national and later international market.
The first vineyard with which the company began producing Bibi Graetz wines is the one located under the castle, with a south-west exposure, immersed in a truly evocative landscape. Here the first two wines were created, Testamatta, 100% Sangiovese, and Colore, initially with the same percentages of grapes from vines of about 80 years of age, the autochthonous ones: Sangiovese, Colorino and Cannaiolo.

Bibi Graetz’s wine philosophy


Bibi Graetz wines are macerated in barrique, or in steel, to safeguard the small nuances linked to the terroir of the various vineyards that define the different identity of each wine.

Another crucial aspect for Bibi Graetz wines is the processing of the vines by adopting an organic cultivation, with particular attention in following the plant step by step, from germination to fruit. Among the wines of Bibi Graetz, a great example is “Colore”, a wine obtained from a blend of Sangiovese, Cannaiolo and Colorino, which, since its first release, had many awards, with very high scores in the most important guides.

From this first success the company began the search for land where old vines were placed, in order to pursue the fundamental principle on which the research was based to create a good wine, which like a work of art, had to be done from different shades, that is, that from old vineyards it was possible to obtain that specific essences indispensable for this purpose.

Bibi Graetz’s wines


Bibi Graetz wines are born from 80 hectares of old vines, scattered throughout Tuscany, which allow you to draw from each a different picture of tastes and sensations. Of great interest among the wines of Bibi Graetz is Testamatta, an extremely elegant expression of Sangiovese. Also very exciting is the Bugia, 100% Ansonica, produced on the island of Giglio, on land overlooking the sea, a very special, persistent and highly mineral white wine.

But returning to the reds, another great expression of Bibi Graetz wines is the “Soffocone di Vincigliata”, a pure Sangiovese with a goliardic name among the most significant of the line and which represents the most structured wine and also the one that made popular the company, especially in Tuscany.

Bibi Graetz wines are however always built with a base of lightness and play, but a game where the wine tradition and attention to processing are inspired by a great spirit of self-denial.

Most of the labels placed on the bottles are real pictorial works of art made all personally made by the owner, (with the exception of Bollamatta, also beautiful, made by his daughter Rosa) in which we find his first passion and irrepressible inspiration.

Bibi Graetz’s wine labels become the manifesto of the same wines to which they are dedicated. The line is essential, but very concrete and is an authentic expression of a Tuscany to be tasted through its fruits, able to amaze with its value and research, without neglecting tradition, but continually renewing it over time.

The range of Bibi Graetz wines is waiting to be discovered, and demonstrates once again the sensational enological potential of Tuscany.

Bibi Graetz Wines

Appellation: Toscana Rosso IGT
Grapes: Sangiovese 80% Colorino 10% Canaiolo 10%
Alcohol: 14°
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Appellation: Toscana Rosso IGT
Grapes: Sangiovese 100%
Alcohol: 13,5°
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Appellation: Toscana Bianco IGT
Grapes: Ansonica 100%
Alcohol: 13°
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Tel: +39 055 597222
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