Borgo del Tiglio

(BRAZZANO – GORIZIA) Nicola Manferrari, owner of Borgo del Tiglio, thanks to his  viticultural rigor boasts of exceptional Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon wines and  his fantastic  Tocai FriulanoRonco della Chiesa.

Borgo del Tiglio’s History and Philosophy

Blaise Pascal, in his famous philosophical work, known as Pensées (not a treatise at all, but rather a series of annotations for a work that has never been written) distinguishes two types of knowledge and two types of talents necessary for their elaboration: esprit geometrique, or precision in scientific work, and esprit de finesse, or the intuition and imagination of the artist and creator. Having both types of talent is not common in any field of work, including wine production. But a man who owns them, and to a large extent (something so unusual in this highly competitive world, qualities widely recognized by both his colleagues and rivals) is Nicola Manferrari of Cormons , an important citizen in the Collio DOC .

Its viticultural rigor is considered by many to be exemplary, and the wines it produces in its small property, just 8 hectares, reveal a truly poetic spirit both in the selections produced by the different varieties it cultivates and, above all, in the inspired blends that bring together all the wines produced in Friuli . Even more surprising is the fact that the career as a producer was not planned or prepared at all. Manferrari, after the death of his father, he found himself with the ownership of vineyards to work or sell. A big challenge for a young man without any previous experience and, as a professional pharmacist, without any specific training. But there was no lack of willingness to start, and the natural talent mentioned above, together with the important aptitude to work hard and patiently, did the rest.

The wines of Borgo del Tiglio

The blends , in fact, are the result of a long series of attempts and experiments, of repeated tastings systematically carried out until the discovery of the right combination. His first, exceptional, barrel-aged Merlot in the region, his lovely Chardonnay and Sauvignon offerings with a pleasant hint of oak, both the regular bottle and the premium wines, his fantastic Tocai Friulano  from his Ronco della Chiesa , which had great resonance since the 1990 vintage. And, above all, his Studio di Bianco , a blend of white grapes that is absolutely inimitable and that only he could conceive and create.

Borgo del Tiglio Wines

Collio Bianco DOC Borgo del Tiglio

Name: Collio Bianco DOC
Grapes: Tocai (Friulano), Sauvignon and Riesling Renano
Alcohol content: 14th

 Rosso della Centa Collio DOC Borgo del Tiglio

Name: Collio DOC
Grapes: 100% Merlot
Alcohol content: 14.5 °

 Studio of Bianco Collio DOC Borgo del Tiglio

Name: Collio DOC
Grapes: Sauvignon, Tocai (Friulano) and Riesling Renano
Alcohol content: 14th

 Ronco della Chiesa Collio DOC Borgo del Tiglio

Name: Collio Bianco DOC
Grapes: 100% Friulian Tocai
Alcohol content: 14.5 °

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Address: Via San Giorgio, 71, 34071 Brazzano (GO)
Tel: +39 0481 62166
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