Bosco de’ Medici

Bosco de’ Medici

(POMPEI – NAPOLI) Biological conduction, attention to the territory and its history, vineyards in strategic positions and of course Vesuvius which gives unique characteristics to the wines. These are the strengths of Bosco de ‘Medici, led by Giuseppe Palomba and Antonio Monaco.

Bosco de’ Medici’s History and Philosophy

The Bosco de ‘Medici company from Campania has its administrative headquarters in Pompeii, in the province of Naples in southern Italy. This is a land rich in history, where viticulture has roots far back in time, the landscape is suggestive of the slopes of Vesuvius and the Vulcan land gives back to the wines all the secrets of the sacred fire that characterizes the passion of its people.

Bosco dei Medici vini campania

È proprio seguendo la storia che questa azienda ha recentemente intrapreso un nuovo progetto: vini bianchi in anfora. Parte della produzione dei vini bianchi viene infatti vinificata in anfore di terracotta, recuperando così ancora più nel profondo la tradizione classica e valorizzando in un modo unico il legame con il territorio. Ma c’è di più. La struttura adibita alla vinificazione si trova a pochi metri dagli Scavi di Pompei ed è qui che vengono organizzate visite e percorsi con degustazioni di vini e assaggi di cucina ispirata anche alle antiche ricette pompeiane.

Bosco dei Medici Vini in Anfora

It is precisely following the story that this company has recently embarked on a new project: white wines in amphora. Part of the production of white wines is in fact vinified in terracotta amphorae, thus recovering even more deeply the classic tradition and enhancing the bond with the territory in a unique way. But there is more. The structure used for winemaking is located a few meters from the Pompeii excavations and it is here that visits and itineraries are organized with wine tastings and tastings of cuisine inspired also by the ancient Pompeian recipes.

Another interesting feature of Bosco de ’Medici concerns its vineyards: the various plots are located in different areas at an altitude of about 230-250m above sea level. The cultivated vines are indigenous, specifically: Piedirosso, Caprettone, Aglianico, Falanghina, which appreciate the altitude so high. Caprettone is a very vigorous white grape variety, which represents the main grape variety of DOC Vesuvio Bianco, and I.G.T. Pompeiano, used in this case also in the production of the famous Lacryma Christi, the White Lavaflava, with the addition of Falanghina, of the vine owned in Terzigno, called “del Colonnello”.

The other vines are located further downstream, in the municipality of Boscoreale, where we find the “Vecchio Casale” vineyard, where Piedirosso and Aglianico are grown and in Pompeii, the small vineyard called “Pompeii”. The main La Rotonda vineyard is the largest and extends to the municipalities of the province of Salerno. It is a fact that volcanic soils are among the best for agriculture and quality wine production. In fact, here the Piedirosso and Aglianico have their maximum expression thanks to the soil in which the roots are perfectly rooted and the natural environment and climate help the vine to give their maximum capacity.

To manage everything for more than 20 years, with passion and dedication, are the Palomba and Monaco families, who have chosen the organic management for these lands, where vines of over 35 years are mixed with centenary vines all free. Since 2014 Giuseppe Palomba and Antonio Monaco have inherited the running of the company, which has its roots in the land that belonged to the ancient Dei Medici family of Florence.

in the photo: Giuseppe Palomba and Antonio Monaco

The two families have been harvesting their own since 2014, the line produced is made up of six wines that best express the territory thanks to the choice of vines, but without taking anything away, the credit also goes to Vesuvius, which does its part in this alchemy between man and nature.

Bosco dei Medici degustazioni cantina

The wines of Bosco de’ Medici

The production line is made up of three white Lavaflava, a Lacryma Christi from Vesuvio Bianco DOC, a Pompeii white IGT made up of the typical Vesuvius grape variety, as mentioned, the Caprettone, which is really an interesting white and the Dressel 19.2, a Pompeiano Bianco IGT, 100% Caprettone, completely fermented and vinified in terracotta amphora; and the three reds: Lavarubra, a Lacryma Christi of Vesuvio Rosso DOC 85% Piedirosso and 15% Aglianico, Pompeii red IGT 100% Piedirosso, the latter noteworthy, with its perfect integration between freshness and tannin, a wine soft and capable of creating balance and harmony, and the Agathos, dedicated to Agatodemone, an ancient divinity of Greek mythology, protector of the vineyards, and a Pompeiano Rosso IGT, 100% Piedirosso which makes one year of aging in first pass tanneau.

For the peculiarity of production, Dressel 19.2 and Agathos wines are limited productions with numbered bottles, two jewels not to be missed.

Bosco de’ Medici Wines

Pompeii I.G.T. Pompeiano Bianco Bosco dei Medici

Appellation: Pompeiano Bianco I.G.T.
Grapes: Caprettone 100%
Alcohol: 13°

Appellation: Pompeiano Rosso I.G.T.
Grapes: Piedirosso 100%
Alcohol: 14°

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