Bric Castelvej

(CANALE – CUNEO) The history of the Bric Castelvej winery  has always been linked to the Roero: it is a  family story ,  a simple story made of values ​​and people who believe in what they do, putting  the soul and passion in every bottle of wine produced.

Bric Castelvej’s History and Philosophy

The Roero is one of the most fascinating areas of Piedmont: harmonious hills covered with vineyards, ancient villages rich in history, castles and fortifications. It has always been a land of fine wines and excellence such as Barbera Doc, Nebbiolo Doc, Roero Docg, Roero Arneis Docg which, together with other wines, characterize the wine production of this fascinating territory. Here the vineyards are grown on the ends of the hills, the socalled “bric”, to ensure superior production quality .
In this magnificent scenario we find the Bric Castelvej winery , whose history has always been linked to this territory: it is afamily history, a simple story made of values ​​and people who believe in what they do, putting the soul and passion in every bottle of wine produced.

It all began back in 1956 when Gallino Domenico , a brilliant and far-sighted founder, began to make wine of superior quality. Since then this commitment and passion have been handed down to the present day, finding continuity in Domenico’s son-in-law, Mario , who today together with his son Cristiano , a brilliant wine technician, scrupulously and with experience experiences every production process of the cellar, from meticulous work in the vineyard to harvest and vinification, up to commercial relations in Italy and Europe.

The wines of Bric Castelvej

A family therefore that, today as then , with great satisfaction and pride makes of its work a life philosophy , facing new challenges and new objectives with commitment and rationality; a winery ready to write new pages of history as required by the tradition of this family from Roero. Every day capable people assiduously work the lands and vineyards owned in a rational and wise way, always in full respect of the rhythms of nature and the Piedmontese wine tradition.

The cellar is modern , equipped with technologically advanced equipment that allows the wine to be the perfect combination of the wise work of the winemaker and the extraordinary nature of this land.
The love for the great Piedmontese wines combined with the daily search for perfection are the main elements of the history of this winery, without forgetting the hospitality of the Gallino family, a characteristic that has always distinguished it: the magic of wine must be appreciated among friends, and hospitality is an important moment in this cellar.

Roero Panera Alta

Appellation: Roero DOCG.
Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%
Alcohol: 14°


Informazioni & Contatti Bric Castelvej

Indirizzo: Via Castelvecchio 70, 12043 Canale (CN)
Telefono: +39 0173 98108
Degustazione in Azienda: SI
Vendita Diretta: SI