Cantina Berritta

Cantina Berritta

(DORGALI – NUORO) Cantina Berritta produces wines in Moraro, is famous for its organic wines Cannonau Thurcalesu, Monte Tundu, Don Baddore, Panzale, Thurcalesu, al Don Baddore, Nostranu and many others.

Cantina Berritta’s History and Philosophy

Cannonau is the symbolic vine of Sardinian wine culture and is grown mainly in the Nuorese Barbagia, cradle of this vine with very ancient origins, probably Nuragic.

Barbagia is a historical region of north-eastern Sardinia, where wild mountains, large barren and harsh spaces, small villages where time seems to have stopped, offers a choppy landscape, where glimpses from above open to the view of the coast and sea ​​shines in the sun and inlets with golden beaches can be seen.

Cantina Berritta Sardegna

Here the Cantina Berritta is located, a small reality symbolizing the growth of the Dorgali area in terms of reference for the production of wines. A family-run business whose owner Antonio Berritta together with his wife Maria Paola and their children Serena and Francesco, produce a fine nectar. It is not us who say it, but the acknowledgments that this precious and young winery, founded in 2007, has obtained over the years.

The wines of Cantina Berritta

In fact, the Cannonau Thurcalesu of 2015, the Monte Tundu -Cannonau Classico – of 2014 and the Don Baddore – Cannonau and Syrah- of 2015, obtained the gold medals recognized by “Gilbert & Gaillard”, and a silver also for the native white, Panzale, defined as an elegant and finely mineral wine, also confirmed with a bronze medal by Decanter, given not only to Panzale, but also to Thurcalesu, Don Baddore and a commendation for Nostranu.

With its approximately 10 hectares of vineyards, the Berritta winery has given and still demonstrates that the philosophy with which it takes care of its vineyards, in an artisanal, careful way and respecting the natural ripening times, is the right way to pursue better the characteristics of the soil, the altitude in which the vines are located, the exposure and the sea breeze, which give the vineyards the right support to produce wines that have a recognizable identity and character and improved every year.

The same care is followed in the cellar, where scrupulous processing, from vinification to bottling, is monitored step by step, also assisted by the initiative of the sons Serena and Francesco, who for some years have set up a company called FranSer from the union of their names, which deals specifically with the production and marketing of wines. A synergy that has led, as we have seen, to excellent results.

The proposed line is traditional and well organized, in which the Sardinian wine tradition is evident in every label, perfectly representing this incredible island for wine variety, a success due to the mastery and the ancient tradition of knowing how to make a quality and authentic wine .


Appellation: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
Grapes: Cannonau 100%

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Address: V.le Kennedy 108 08022 Dorgali NU 6459
Tel: +39 0784 95372 / +39 377 325
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