Cantina La Madeleine

(NARNI – TERNI) Cantina Madeleine produces wines in Narni and is managed by Linda and Massimo D’Alema. The Madeleine winery is famous for its Madeleine NarnOt, Pinot Noir La Madeleine, Nerosé wines and many others.

La Madeleine’s History and Philosophy

Cantina la Madeleine is located near Otricoli, in the municipality of Narni, province of Terni, between Umbria and Lazio, amid the Tiber valley and the wonderful Nera valley. This area exudes history and ancient origins, where the beautiful landscape is the perfect combination of archeology and untouched nature.

Cantina la Madeleine was founded in 2008 for Giulia and Francesco D’Alema by their parents Linda and Massimo, (the latter was Prime Minister from 1998 to 2000). The company expands over 15 hectares, 6.5 of which are dedicated to the vines located at 250 and 300 meters a.s.l.madeleine-vini-italys-finest-wines

The Guyot-grown vines are planted on clayish and calcareous soils. The challenge this company faced was to do extensive research with the aim of producing wonderful wines from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Marselan, and Tannat in the heart of Umbria, personally selected by Massimo D’Alema. Investing on Pinot Noir in Umbria, where the historical local vines are Grechetto and Sagrantino, was a brave, unusual choice.

Cantina la Madeleine

By farming these French vines in Umbria, D’Alema and other local producers created a small revolution that has initiated a real renaissance, which in time has originated these high quality wines.

cantina madeleine

The wines of La Madeleine

The small but fine line offers Nerosé, a Pinot Noir rosé sparkling wine, classical method. Sfide, a wine without added solphites produced with an innovative method shared with other companies participating in Wine Research Team. The Pinot Nero La Madeleine. And lastly, Madeleine NarnOt at the top of the range; 100% Cabernet Franc, this wine is finished one year in French oak and two years in the bottle. This well structured red is named after the two municipalities of Narni e Otricoli where the vines are located.

Pinot Nero La Madeleine

Pinot Cantina la Madeleine

Appellation: Rosso Umbria IGT
Grapes: Pinot Nero 100%

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Address: Strada dei Montini, 38, 05035 Narni TR
Tel: +39 320 066 4962
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