Cantina Mito

(NUSCO – AVELLINO) Cantina Mito, in Nusco in the province of Avellino, is directed by Gerardo, Soccorso and Michele who, thanks to the help of the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, produce excellent wines from Campania, first of all Taurasi DOCG Amato 2016.

Cantina Mito’s History

The history of Cantina Mito has its roots in the land of Contrada Mito, a hamlet at the foot of a small and ancient village on the slopes of the Laceno plateau, Nusco, a real jewel rebuilt after the disastrous earthquake of 1980 and counted among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

It is impossible not to highlight that the vast range of production and the essence of the Campania winemaking tradition and above all of Avellino, are reflected in every wine produced in the many wineries that dot this region and which are the direct expression of this excellent Italian production reality.

They are wineries rich in particular elements and characteristics in their different productions, both for their history and for their wine tradition, linked to the different territories to which they belong. This is no exception in the wine-growing area of ​​Nuscano, where local producers, and above all Cantina Mito, given the 914 m of altitude, have sought for their vineyards, the best geo-climatic positions and soils with the most suitable compositions , to obtain grapes suitable for the production of fine wines. The result is a production in line with the high standards present in the province of Avellino, which boasts three DOCGs, Taurasi, Greco and Fiano.

The Philosophy of Cantina Mito wines

The story of Cantina Mito is a story of family and friendship linked to the work of the land, born in the early 1960s between the Palmieri family and the Della Vecchia family, which continues today through the children of the two families Gerardo and Soccorso Palmieri and Michele Della Vecchia, who in 2013 founded Cantina Mito. The meeting with the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, in 2014, concretizes the vision of the three partners who, thanks to his know-how, give life to their dream.

Cantina Mito Wines

Thus was born a TRIO of excellent WINES: the Campania Aglianico Igt dunsogno , born as a tribute to the dream of the three partners, the Taurasi Docg Amato , dedicated to their land, to their country of origin of which Sant’Amato is the protector, and finally, recently produced, the Greco di Tufo Docg lincanto .

The three wines together give life to: lincanto dunsogno amato , a dream come true, thanks to the friendship and strong bond that unites the three entrepreneurs, who in a few years have managed to obtain excellent results , and given the conditions, they could reserve excellent surprises to be discovered.

Taurasi DOCG Amato 2016

Appellation: Taurasi DOCG
Grapes: 100% Aglianico

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Adress: Contrada Mito s.n.c., Nusco (AV)
Tel: +39 348 8069745 oppure + 39 328 9785053
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