Cantina Toblino

Cantina Toblino
Vigneti di Cantina Toblino nella Valle dei Laghi||

(MADRUZZO – TRENTO) Moscato Giallo, Gewurztraminer, Teroldego, Pinot Nero, Manzoni Bianco, Lagrein, Sauvignon, Kerner, Pinot Grigio, Nosiola and Vino Santo Trentino Doc are just some of the excellent wines produced by this social winery in Trentino, founded in 1960 by some winemakers. They produce organic wines.

Cantina Toblino’s History and Philosophy

There are places in Italy that have the charm of an enchanting history, and it is appropriate to say that Toblino, with its small valley-bottom alpine lake located in Trentino, has just this attraction.

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Cantina Toblino is a social winery founded in 1960 with the idea of some winemakers who understood the potential of the wines that were produced in the Valle dei Laghi and which now involves its more than 600 members in a conversion project to organic viticulture. As this company has often been defined, it is really the point of reference for Trentino winemaking with almost 850 hectares of vineyards which enjoy a particular microclimate that allows for a good ripening of the grapes, and sandstone based soil where the cultivation of the vine has millenary roots.

The Cantina, located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level but whose vineyards are located at an altitude ranging from 100 meters to 800 meters above sea level, capable of producing excellent DOC and IGT wines from the Vezzanese hillside plots, from the Cavedine Valley, and from the Calavino-Toblino area, for a total of near 400,000 bottles both from grapes of indigenous and international varieties, taking advantage of expert teams.

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The current President Bruno Luterotti, the General Manager of the Toblino Cantina Carlo De Biasi, the oenologist Lorenzo Tomazzoli, and the viticultural technicians Nicola Caveden and Giuliano Cattoni, are people who today carry on the vineyards with tangible competence. Their lands include almost 250 hectares both converted and in the process of conversion, covering more than 10% of the organic area of ​​the province of Trento.

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The vineyards of the winery are located in throughout the region and on steep slopes that can reach up to 800 meters in height. Attention to the environment and respect for its resources are at the heart of the company’s philosophy, which uses energy from renewable sources for the various activities in the cellar.

The wines of Cantina Toblino

The variety of labels is rich, vast, and well made composed of TrentoDOC, Classics, Selections, and Vino Santo. In fact, we find all the white and red wines typical of this area such as Moscato Giallo, Gewurztraminer, Teroldego, Pinot Nero, Manzoni Bianco, Lagrein, Sauvignon, Kerner, Pinot Grigio and finally Nosiola which is also the basis of the company’s flagship: the Vino Santo Trentino Doc.

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We would like to distinguish only one of the many excellent wines, in addition to the Vino Santo, the Largiller Nosiola VDD Igt, a Cru from the grapes harvested in the vineyard of the same name, which is reserved for a long aging period that lasts six years in large oak barrels.


 Largiller Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 2012 di Cantina Toblino

Appellation: Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
Grapes: Nosiola
Alcohol: 13°

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