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Cantina Tuscania - Testa in Aria Chianti DOCG

Cantina Tuscania in Sambuca is a certified organic winery that produces excellent Chianti Classico and Toscana IGT wines such as Effige Nera and Pleni Lune.

Cantina Tuscania is located in Sambuca V.P. in the Municipality of Barberino-Tavarnelle (Florence), the heart of the Chianti Classico production area, a place rich in history that connects Via Francigena and Via Volterrana, between the gentle Tuscan hills where the rows of vines follow one another as far as the eye can see .

The history of Cantina Tuscania

The winery was founded in 2008 as an experimental center for wine and wine research on the initiative of important Chianti Classico producers gathered in a consortium. Supported by PARSEC SRL technology, a Florentine company known internationally as the reference vanguard in the development of the most advanced technologies and innovative and effective solutions to improve the wine production process, the experimental center represents one of the largest and best equipped centers in the world.

Cantina Tuscania a Barberino Tavarnelle
In 2015 PARSEC totally acquires Cantina Tuscania and, while maintaining its
original spirit of oenological competence of excellence, training, innovation, and research,
also takes the path of wine production under its own brand by moving towards the
Organic production.

Cantina Tuscania’s wine Philosophy

This choice fits perfectly with the company philosophy: to produce excellent wines using small tanks, more correct production techniques based on the grape variety and more advanced technology to avoid errors in the delicate stages of winemaking and aging. All this with the specific intent of obtaining quality wines without having to resort to the use of oenological correction products, to put it simply, the “better safe than sorry” rule also applies to the production of wine.

With the registered trademark «A new way of being natural®» CANTINA TUSCANIA
guarantees a work philosophy that privileges the effort in the competence and in the use of the most appropriate tools to produce excellent wines that are the pure expression of the grape variety and the territory.

Cantina Tuscania Degustazioni a Tavarnelle Val di PesaThe company philosophy can be summarized as follows: “A new way of being natural ®”. Their mission is to produce excellent wines by selecting first quality grapes, to work them in the best way to preserve their organoleptic characteristics and territorial expression and at the same time to drastically reduce the use of commonly used oenological correction products.

Cantina Tuscania Wines

All this is possible thanks to professionalism, oenological competence and to a control of the process of the highest level that allows to avoid, precisely, those errors to be corrected!
The passing of the certification process as Organic Operator and a careful selection of the best organically grown winemakers led Cantina Tuscania, with the 2017 vintage, to offer its line of Organic wines.

In addition to the Chianti Classico Vintage and Reserve at the IGT Toscana Rosso Pleni Lune, the production will also be enriched with other BIO IGT Toscana Bianco and Rosato products.

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Adress: Via Sangallo 43, 50028 Sambuca- Barberino – Tavarnelle (FI)
Tel: +39 055 8071971
Visit & Tasting: Yes, by reservation only
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