Cantine Colosi

(PACE DEL MELA – MESSINA) Colosi cellars in Gramignazzi on the island of Salina, in the archipelago of the Aeolian islands. The wines produced, with the designation Malvasia delle Lipari Dop and Salina igp are excellent examples of the potential of this company and of the wines of Sicily in general.

Cantine Colosi’s History and Terroir

The Colosi wineries are located in Gramignazzi in the Salina island, the greenest and most fertile of the Aeolian volcanic archipelago, a territory where the precious grapes from which the Malvasia delle Lipari is obtained are grown, in addition to the famous capers exported all over the world.

Salina also became famous because it was the set of some scenes of the 1994 film Il Postino , with Philippe Noiret and Massimo Troisi, in what was his last film.

Cantine Colosi is a family-run company founded over 40 years ago and now in its third generation. Its vineyards, about ten hectares, are cultivated in suggestive terraces overlooking the sea, scattered between the areas of Capo Faro and Porri , immersed in an incredible volcanic territory.

The Philosophy of the wines of Cantine Colosi

The cultivated vines are those typical of the Mediterranean island viticulture: Corinto Nero , Nerello Cappuccio, Nerello Mascalese, Inzolia, Catarratto and Malvasia. It should therefore come as no surprise that the wines of Cantine Colosi express the typical flavors and aromas not only of the Aeolian archipelago, but also of Sicily, being able to faithfully reflect the best territorial peculiarities.

The Colosi wines produced on the island are two white Igp Salina , a brand new rosé and a red both Igp Salina, and two different expressions of Malvasia delle Lipari Dop , the most representative wine of the area, and one of the most excellent Italian dessert wines that reflects the millenary winemaking tradition of the Aeolian Islands

The wines of Cantine Colosi

From the bunches of Malvasia and Corinto Nero Colosi produces: a Malvasia delle Lipari Passito Dop and a Malvasia delle Lipari Naturale Dop , excellent wines with a velvety fragrance, capable of releasing that sweet but delicate taste, which tell a territory in one sip. In addition to the production of the ancient Malvasia delle Lipari wine, in the company all the production of the other labels, obtained precisely from native Sicilian vines, takes place under the supervision of the winemakers Piero and Pietro Colosi .

Among the different wines produced, the Salina Rosato igp is worthy of note, a wine that leaves you amazed by its taste and completeness. The company has excellent products in its range, which over time has been able to refine and make it stand out, thanks to the passion it can express with strength in every wine.

Salina Rosato

Appellation: Salina IGP
Grapes: Corinto Nero 50% and Nerello Mascalese 50%
Alcohol content: 13°


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