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(TRENTO) Cantine Ferrari produces wines in Trento, famous for its wines from the classic Ferrari line, the wines from the Maximum, Perlé, Riserve lines and many others.

Cantine Ferrari’s History and Philosophy

Presenting the Ferrari Cellars is unthinkable, given that their history has been a legend for over a century, but we will try to summarize this great success. So the company was founded by Giulio Ferrari in 1902, from 1952 the management was taken over by the Lunelli family, at the hands of Bruno Lunelli, who then passed on his immense passion for wine to his children: Franco, Gino and Mauro Lunelli, who in turn, with tireless energy, they were able to exploit and maintain at best all the entrepreneurial potential for the wine sector, with continuous investments, research and technological innovations, in one of the Regions most suited to viticulture, Trentino Alto Adige.

6 Ferrari vineyardsThese are the bases that then gave the winery the uninterrupted successes both in Italy and in the world, up to the third Lunelli generation to date. In fact, currently managing the Lunelli Group, now world leader of the Trentodoc bubbles, we find Matteo Lunelli president and managing director, Alessando Lunelli technical director, Marcello Lunelli winemaker director and Camilla Lunelli responsible for communication and public relations.

8 Ferrari vineyardsDuring the years of the second generation, the Ferrari Rosé, Ferrari Perlé and the legendary Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore were launched, wines that have always represented the top management known and appreciated all over the world, labels that perfectly express the production of bubbles, which from the beginning Giulio Ferrari, based on the Champenoise method, which then became the Classic Method in Italy.

The wines of Cantine Ferrari

Ferrari vineyards
It is needless to say that today the production of the Ferrari Cellars has reached an enormous quality level, both for value and for distribution, which makes this company one of the giants of national and international sparkling wines. We push hard to underline its importance worldwide, precisely because Ferrari is among the great realities that have made Art of Living an icon well interpreted through its wines, thus giving Italy that undisputed place in first line, with a production that exceeds 5 million bottles of Trentodoc.

3 Ferrari inside the cellar
A brand among the most envied, representative of the style of living and drinking that has become cool, with millions of admirers around the world, thanks to the original company philosophy, which has seen year after year, finding the unmistakable style and strength of tradition in its labels Trentino wine production, which is the basis of an ad hoc work carried out both in the vineyard and in the cellar and where the family is the nucleus, and this is the strength that shines through and that characterizes the great Ferrari production – We conclude by presenting the Ferrari Cellars line articulated and complete, an example of a happy range that sublimely represents all the grapes processed. Specifically, the labels divide the 4 different collections.

8 Ferrari inside the cellar
The first is the Classic Line: Ferrari Brut, Ferrari Rosé, Ferrari Demi-Sec. The second is the Maximum Line: Ferrari Maximum Blanc De Blancs, Ferrari Maximum Rosé, Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec. The third is the Perlé Line: Ferrari Perlé, Ferrari Perlé Zero, Ferrari Perlé Bianco Riserva, Ferrari Perlé Rosé Riserva, Ferrari Perlé Nero Riserva. The fourth is the Reserve line: Ferrari Riserva Lunelli, Giulio Ferrari Riserva Del Fondatore, Giulio Ferrari Rosé, Giulio Ferrari Collection.

Ferrari Perlé 2014

Appellation: Trento DOC
Vines: 100% Chardonnay
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