Cantine Lonardo

Cantine Lonardo

(TAURASI – AVELLINO) Authenticity, simplicity, indigenous yeasts. But scientific research and defense of tradition, which led them in collaboration with the Universities of Palermo and Naples, to include Grecomusc, an indigenous grape variety, in the register. The Taurasi red wine produced from Aglianico grapes, however, is the flagship. 

Cantine Lonardo’s History and Philosophy

Writing and telling about Turasi is an articulated adventure, like its incredibly varied territory for the production of wine, each different from the other and made up of many small realities of excellence and a centuries-old wine tradition. We are in the province of Avellino , in the historical-geographical district of Irpinia , in Campania . Here this small family-run company, with its few hectares of vines at 400m above sea level, where the vineyards are located on land that varies from a clayey-limestone composition for the lower vineyard, to the volcanic-cineritic one for the one located more high, it has an essential wine production, but of absolute value and an extraordinarily considerable reality.

Professor Sandro Lonardo, creator of the company in 1998 and now responsible for the winery, but the Lonardo family is made up of people of not indifferent cultural depth, ranging from humanities, archeology, scientific research, to academic careers; a forma mentisthis, which is found in the devotion to viticulture, which has its domestic roots in the centuries-old peasant tradition. The work done in the vineyard and in the cellar reflects the authenticity and simplicity, with the exclusive use of grapes from the vineyards and native yeasts, an optimization of the winemaking procedures and a continuous experimentation with new techniques, and in end the support of a relevant technical-scientific staff.

In this regard, an example is the scientific research done for the maceration of Aglianico in collaboration with the Universities of Palermo and Federico II of Naples , and the interest in an indigenous grape variety, discovered by the company and present only in the area. of Taurasi , particularly in the lower Irpinia, which the farmers used to use for domestic use: the Grecomusc ‘, the Roviello Bianco . Thanks to a battle waged with the association, founded by Lonardo for the conservation of Grecomusc, together with a handful of small local producers and in collaboration with the ampelographer Antonella Monaco, of the Federico II University of Naples, started a research and winemaking process, up to the registration in the national register of vines in 2009. Currently the production is about 2500 bottles, with a growing interest both for the wine than for the grape. A vine that does not have the characteristics of the other indigenous people in the area, but recalls a certain affinity with Nordic vines such as Riesling, Chablis, an extremely mineral and long-lived wine.

The wines of Cantine Lonardo

If Grecomusc represents research and experimentation, Aglianico represents tradition, and it is the main grape variety used, which gives rise to Irpinia Aglianico Dop , Taurasi and in the best vintages to Taurasi Riserva Docg . Of great interest is the line produced since 2007 and consisting of two CRUs, in a limited number of bottles from vineyards ranging from 10 to 100 years: the Vigne d’Alto Taurasi and the Coste Taurasi Docg , the pride of the production of this little gem of Irpinia.

Taurasi – Cantine Lonardo

Taurasi Cantine Lonardo

Appellation: Taurasi DOCG
Grapes: 100% Aglianico
Alcohol content: 14%
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