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(SAN DONACI – BRINDISI) Respect and love for Salento and its wines at the base of the Cantine Paolo Leo company philosophy, in the Negroamaro Park. The Leo family implements sustainable practices and has also launched a commendable Dorso Rosso project. Among the most representative wines Dorso Rosso, Primitivo 100%, and Fiore di Vigna, Negramaro 100%.

Paolo Leo’s History and Terroir

In the history of Cantine Paolo Leo there is everything: family secrets, ambitious projects and love for the territory, three ingredients that make the wines of this Apulian company truly unique. We are in San Donaci , a town between Lecce and Taranto in the heart of Salento, a place where the historical and landscape beauties enchant tourists along the way, such as the Negroamaro Park , a social, economic and cultural place that involves 26 municipalities of Central Salento.

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The Cantine Paolo Leo company operates in this territory rich in history and the Leo family has undoubtedly played a role in all this. The company is family run, run by a solid union and passion. At the head is Paolo Leo and his is the philosophy that guides the company. In addition to the family members, the staff is made up of 15 other trained collaborators. The winemaker of the company is the young Nicola Leo , who thanks to his laborious commitment highlights the fabulous potential of the owned vineyards located in the heart of the Negroamaro Park.

Paolo Leo San Donaci

The Philosophy of the wines of Paolo Leo

A strength that with the foresight in practice and investments, has led Cantine Paolo Leo to climb the national and international peaks. Of modern conjecture, it is equipped with a completely automated bottling line, capable of bottling 6000 bottles an hour. The traceability of the product and therefore the exact knowledge of the vine from which the wine originates is an index of transparency for this company. The wines produced are well structured and of excellent quality as the Primitivo Fiore di Vigna Salento PGI, one of the Top gamma wines, a mature wine with a persistent finish, the Primitivo di Manduria Riserva DOC Giunonico, full in the mouth and with aromas intended, or the Taccorosso Negroamaro from the Salentop line, spicy and very balanced.

Cantine Paolo Leo Puglia

The wines of Paolo Leo

For years Cantine Paolo Leo has launched a genuinely commendable project, which denotes love and respect for the territory: it adopts a vineyard, it adopts a tree, an initiative open to anyone to actively safeguard the traditional method of growing vineyards, so as not to lose the history and culture of this land. In this area, in fact, vines are cultivated with the technique known as Albarello; a system practiced for over 2000 years that allows the grapes to grow and to release their intensity despite the arid climate and the scorching sun. This cultivation system is put at risk by those who try to produce quantity and not quality since sapling requires more time in growth and involves fewer bunches per plant. Many, too many, peasants over the years have replaced the trees with new farming methods for the vineyards, not worrying about the fact that only in these old vineyards are biotypes of Primitivo and Negroamaro that could, consequently, disappear. Those who decide to adopt a vineyard will have the opportunity to see it grow and enjoy its wine once it is ready.

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The project is called Dorso Rosso and its name derives from a family secret. In 2012, in fact, Paolo found an ancient red-backed notebook, in fact, a secret diary written in 1923, in which his great-grandfather used to write down the accounts and grapes of his harvest, but also, unexpectedly, a method to produce a particular type of wine from sapling grapes. Once found, Paolo decided to start producing this wine again. The result is Dorso Rosso Negroamaro PGI Puglia a real journey into the heart and pleasure of this surprising Apulian land.

Paolo Leo Wines selected by Italy’s Finest Wines


Fiore di Vigna primitivo IGP Salento 2016

Appellation: Salento IGP
Grapes: Primitivo 100%
Alcool: 14,5%


Appellation: Salento IGP
Grapes: Negroamaro 100%
Alchol: 14%

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