Cantine Settesoli

(MENFI – AGRIGENTO)  A Sicilian wine cooperative that enjoys international fame for its wines and blends. At the top of the line is the red wine Cartagho Madrarossa Sicilia DOC, an undisputed example of the quality of Sicilian red wines.  

Cantine Settesoli’s History and Philosophy

Italy is a nation of large wine cooperatives, it is not surprising when one considers the splitting of the properties of vineyards which regulates, with some exceptions, a large part of the national territory. Just after the Second World War, half of the Italian population still lived on earth, and the hygienic conditions (water of dubious cleaning, absence of refrigeration for milk) automatically made the wine the choice of drink. And it should be remembered that wine, together with olive oil and wheat, is part of the sacred trinity of the Mediterranean diet.

As a result, wine was produced everywhere and a plot of land with vineyards could not have been more common. These grapes are now processed by cooperatives. But even in this context, the large size of these associations can only arouse surprise and admiration. 2000 grower members with over 6000 hectares of vineyards and a series of cultivated varieties ranging from the classic local grape ( Inzolia , Catarratto , Grillo , Grecanico , Moscato , Nero d’Avola , Frappato and Perricone ) to the new international types ( Cabernet , Merlot ,Syrah , Chardonnay and Sauvignon ).

The wines of Cantine Settesoli

A good deal of the cooperative still remains the production of highly sought after wine after the blend , but there is also ambition, and for years a series of wines bottled under the name Mandrarossa have given a new visibility to the work of Cantine Settesoli . A new first step was made in 2015 with the arrival of consultants Alberto Antonini and Pedro Parra from Chile and their team of experts composed of Domenico De Gregorio  and Filippo Buttafuoco , both experienced and experienced professionals, for the production of wine and viticulture.

The new wines of this vintage indicate that the work has shifted to higher levels and, good as they are, much has yet to come: the selections of this vintage are now aging in cask and will be released shortly. Meanwhile, Antonini and Parra are looking for places with limestone soils, many of them in the valley of the Belice river, which, once planted, will give an even better harvest. And it would be a mistake to point at them. 


Appellation: Sicily DOC
Grapes: Nero d’Avola 100%
Alcohol content: 14°


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Address: Strada Statale 115, 92013 Menfi (AG)
Tel: +39 0925.77111
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