Cascina Pastori Colombo

(BUBBIO – ASTI) The Cascina Pastori Colombo farm is located in Bubbio in the province of Asti and produces Alta Langa DOCG Classic Method wines and Pinot Nero vinified in red.

The history of Cascina Pastori Colombo wines

The Cascina Pastori Colombo company was born from the impulse of Antonio Colombo, a renowned cardiologist and wine lover, who in 2004 decided to embark on a new adventure in the wine world by betting on the enological potential of Pinot Noir in Piedmont.

Luck, as it is known, helps the daring, and the wines of Cascina Pastori Colombo in a short time met with great success among consumers and wine critics, carving out a prominent position that still attests them as a point of reference among excellences. of the wines of the Alta Langa.

To date, Cascina Pastori Colombo is led by Antonio Colombo and his son Andrea, assisted by the prestigious consultancy of the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella.

The range of Cascina Pastori Colombo wines comes from 10 hectares of vineyards from which about 40,000 bottles per year are obtained.

The Philosophy of Wines of Cascina Pastori Colombo

The quality of Cascina Pastori Colombo wines is testified by rigorous agronomic work in the vineyard, low yields, and careful manual selection of the grapes, in order to bring only the best quality raw materials to the cellar.

Another crucial aspect in the philosophy of Cascina Pastori Colombo wines is respect for biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

In fact, in the vineyard the use of mechanical means is reduced to a minimum and pesticide products with low environmental impact are used.

Furthermore, the winery adopts a modern gravitational system that allows the must to be moved without energy consumption, thus avoiding contact with pumps that can compromise the quality of the wine.

Terroir of Cascina Pastori Colombo wines

The 10 hectares of Cascina Pastori Colombo vineyards are mainly cultivated with Guyot and are located in Bubbio, in the province of Asti, an area crossed by the 45th parallel, a crossroads of the greatest wines in the world.

The climate here is warm and temperate favored by the thermoregulatory action of the breezes derived from the Ligurian Sea and by an excellent sun exposure. The hilly altitudes oscillate about 250-350 meters above sea level, ensuring good temperature variations, ideal for favoring the development of aromas of great finesse.

The subsoil is instead heterogeneous and is composed for example of calcareous marl and clays, particularly rich in mineral micronutrients, which give the grapes from which the Cascina Pastori Colombo wines are born a flavor and a unique character.

Wines of Cascina Pastori Colombo

The wines of Cascina Pastori Colombo are produced starting from Pinot Nero, the real backbone of the production, used both for the Alta Langa DOCG Classic Method sparkling wines, and in the red Piedmont DOC version. Chardonnay and Moscato vines are also used to a lesser extent.

Pinot Noir is considered among the most elegant and refined grape varieties for its seductive aromas and silky tannins, but also of difficult agronomic management. In fact, its thin skin makes it particularly sensitive to diseases and molds.

Therefore, being able to make quality Pinot Noir wines such as those of Cascina Pastori Colombo represents one of the most difficult but also gratifying challenges in the wine scene.

The pride of the wines of Cascina Pastori Colombo is the Alta Langa Rosé Brut Riserva DOCG, a Classic Method sparkling wine aged 60 months on the lees that expresses all the strength and character of the Pinot Nero grape; fruity, elegant and gentle on the nose, with a creamy and enveloping perlage and a sensational harmony between all the components of alcohol, flavor and acidity.

Of great interest among the wines of Cascina Pastori Colombo also the Pinot Nero ‘Apertura’ Piemonte DOC, a red wine of great olfactory expressiveness, freshness and tannins of rare silkiness, aged 15-18 months in tonneau and large casks and 6 months in bottle. It fully represents one of the best interpretations of Pinot Noir in Italy for elegant enhancement of the varietal character of the famous grape variety originating from Burgundy.

Among the wines of Cascina Pastori Colombo, the excellent Alta Langa Classic Method Blanc de Blancs Brut DOCG, obtained from vintage Chardonnay grapes, the Riserva di Pinot Nero ”Maxima’ Piemonte DOC, made from the most suitable vineyards only in the best vintages, the ‘Onisia’ Chardonnay Piemonte DOC, a compelling interpretation of Chardonnay aged in oak barrels, and the passito ‘Pastù’, obtained from Moscato grapes.

The Cascina Pastori Colombo wine line is waiting to be discovered and once again testifies to the great expressive potential of the Alta Langa terroir.

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