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(GAVI – ALESSANDRIA) Castellari Bergaglio is a wine company that rises not far from Gavi, in the hamlet of Rovereto, where the company center develops. Its production is focused on the famous Gavi wine, coming precisely from the Cortese vineyards. 

Castellari Bergaglio’s History and Philosophy

Gavi is an ancient village located in the province of Alessandria , the grape variety that made this part of Piedmont known is Cortese , an extremely versatile white berried variety, which manages to give life to many types of wine: from sparkling wine to late harvest.

Castellari Bergaglio founded at the end of the 19th century, it is located not far from Gavi, in the hamlet of Rovereto , where the company center develops. Its production is focused on the famous Gav i wine , coming precisely from the Cortese vineyards . This production area is within the Gavi DOCG wine-growing area , surrounded by suggestive landscapes, delicate hills and wooded areas, which allow well-tended vineyards to enjoy an excellent microclimate, thanks to the influence of sea winds, to a favorable exposure and altitude , which create the conditions for a production, which through the symbol grape and a range consisting of 7 labels, testify to the infinite facets of the territory and Cortese, signed by Castellari Bergaglio.

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The company is currently managed by Marco and Daniele who, with passion and competence, promote organic agriculture that respects the environment and biodiversity, pruning one of the oldest and most renowned companies in the Gavi area. In the cellar, the processing of the grapes is based on a single concept: that of producing wines with unmistakable characteristics and attributable to a particular territory and grape variety.

The wines of Castellari Bergaglio

Examples are the white wine Gavi di Tassarolo Docg Fornaci, which is the result of hillside vineyards located in the municipality of Tassarolo, owned by the company, so called because of the old brick kiln, which thanks to an ideal habitat for Cortese grapes, where the reddish soil, rich in clay and iron, cultivated according to advanced organic farming techniques, seal the Castellari Bergaglio style. Not least is the Gavi Docg Salluvii, produced from hillside vineyards in the Gavi area, which represents the “base wine” of the company.

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Spumante could not miss in this proposed line: the Gavi Docg Arde ‘Metodo Classico, made with grapes from the manual harvest of the different vineyards, cultivated in order to obtain the basis for a sparkling wine with character and personality. And last but not least, given that the range has other excellences, the Gavi Docg of the Municipality of Gavi, obtained from old hillside vineyards (therefore from pre-phylloxera colonists), which has very particular organoleptic characteristics.

In conclusion, Castellari Bergaglio is a reality that well represents the tradition of this part of Piedmont and which has contributed over the years to the success of a wine known all over the world: Gavi.

Gavi di Gavi DOCG Vigna Vecchia “Rovereto” 2016

Appellation: Gavi DOCG
Grapes: Courteous 100%
Alcohol: 13%
Tasting Notes: SEE SHEET

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