Castello Di Cigognola

(CIGOGNOLA – PAVIA) Castello Di Cigognola produces wines in the province of Pavia such as sparkling wines and rosés such as Moratti Cuvée dell’Angelo, but also red wines and white wines.

Castello di Cigognola’s History & Terroir

We are located in the Oltrepò Pavese in Lombardy, an area highly suited to viticulture since time immemorial and literally wedged between Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and a small part in Liguria. The hilly area is rich in vineyards and the reference DOC is the Oltrepò Pavese. In fact, the Castello Di Cigognola company is located in the heart of this area in Cigognola in the province of Pavia. From the top of its hill, the thirteenth-century Castle dominates the town and the Scuropasso valley crossed by the stream of the same name, in front of Broni, it is no coincidence that it has been declared a historical heritage of the Italian Environment Fund (FAI).

Castello Di Cigognola owned by Gabriele and Letizia Moratti is a very interesting winery, it owns 36 hectares of which 28 are vineyards, spread over hilly areas ideal, as already mentioned, for the cultivation of vines and located at an altitude between 300 -350m above sea level, formed by clay and a scarce presence of skeleton and intended for the production of Barbera, Pinot Nero and Nebbiolo, vines that here can best express their potential and organoleptic qualities.

Philosophy of Castello di Cigognola wines

In this area, viticulture recalls the geo-climatic characteristics of both Piedmont and the Bordeaux area, since all three of these areas are located at the 45th parallel, an interesting factor from the enological point of view, in fact here the Pinot Nero Not easy to manage, it has an exceptional terroir due to the excellent phenolic maturation it reaches, and being one of the largest areas in the world for the production of the Classic Method based on Pinot Noir, it places it at the top of the world. An excellence that we also find in the labels signed by Gian Marco and Letizia Moratti, and a concrete example is the seductive and superfine Oltrepò Pavese Classic Method Pinot Nero Pas Dosé Angelo Moratti Riserva Bianco Docg.

In the vineyard and in the cellar, the processing of Castello Di Cigognola follows agricultural methods with low environmental impact, while the production is carried out with dedication and accuracy by the oenologist Emilio Defilippi. A process based on cost-effective research and supported by cutting-edge technology, returned and clearly perceptible in every single bottle.

Castello di Cigognola Wines

The line on offer is well organized, with Oltrepò Pavese Barbera La Maga Rosso Doc, Per Papa Rosso Igt, Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero Classic Method Pas Dosé ‘More Bianco Docg, Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero Classic Method Brut’ More Bianco Docg stand out.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the production of Castello di Cigognola is characterized by the craftsmanship oriented to produce labels of the highest level for the Italian and international market and where the wine is able to release, in a spontaneous and genuine way, all its properties and Is the flag of a territory, of its tradition and its history, and in which the inevitable protagonist appears to be above all: Pinot Noir.

Castello Di Cigognola Wines selected by Italy’s Finest Wines



Appellation: Oltrepo' Pavese DOCG  Metodo Classico
Grapes: 100% Pinot Nero



Appellation: IGT Pavia
Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%

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