Castello di Neive

(NEIVE – CUNEO) A winery that can boast a huge heritage of vineyards in Piedmont, from which, among the many wine offers, an excellent Barbaresco Santo Stefano red wine is produced.

Castello di Neive’s History and Philosophy

A land of first-rate vineyards, among all the world’s favorite viticultural areas, has recently become extremely expensive. In large part due to the simple law of supply and demand: while the grape varieties and the cultivation, fermentation and aging techniques can be virtually transferred anytime and anywhere, the places capable of obtaining the best results are few, since they are nothing but the natural consequence of objective and unimitable factors: soil, climate, altitude and exposure. 

The areas north and south of the city of Alba in Piedmont are not an exception to this iron rule. Here the noble Nebbiolo grape reaches unparalleled levels, producing complex, imposing, and long-lasting wines, unattainable anywhere else. It is therefore entirely logical that the prices of the best vineyards have risen in recent years, reaching levels that were unimaginable only a short time ago. One of the houses with the greatest heritage in terms of quality vineyards is certainly Neive Castle by Italo Stupino .

Its vineyards in the town of Neive in the Barbaresco DOCG include jewels such as Santo Stefano, a first-rate area in the grandiose Albesani vineyards, a perfect area with wines of extraordinary level already fifty years ago. The first Barbaresco cru , in fact, was the Barbaresco Santo Stefano Cru (the exact name of the label) of the 1964 vintage, a wine from the cellars of Castello di Neive. But Stupino’s ownership does not stop there: he also owns a chosen piece of the Gallina vineyard, whose Barbaresco is of exemplary elegance, not to mention the Messoirano vineyard too.

The wines of Castello di Neive

Italo Stupino had a highly successful career as an entrepreneur, a commitment that sometimes kept him away from his native Neive. But, in the last decade, his has been a permanent presence in his house of origin and the wines, consequently, have never been as pleasant as they are now. Also the result of the work of the master of the estate’s cellar, Claudio Roggero, and of the knowledgeable wine consultant Gianfranco Cordero. Barbaresco is obviously the main story here, but there is no shortage of other fine wines: Arneis, Moscato, Barbera, Dolcetto and, in addition, a sparkling wine made with Pinot Noir.

Santo Stefano – Barbaresco Riserva

Santo Stefano Barbaresco DOCG Neive Castle Reserve

Denominazione: Barbaresco D.O.C.G.
Uve: Nebbiolo 100%
Alcohol content: 14.5 °


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