(CASTIGNANO – ASCOLI PICENO) The Castignano company is located in Castignano in the province of Ascoli Piceno and produces wines from the Marche such as Offida Pecorino DOCG, Offida Rosso DOCG and Terre di Offida DOC wines.

The history of Castignano wines

The Castignano company is a cooperative winery founded in 1960, with the aim of promoting the Piceno area through quality viticulture and olive growing.

Over the years the Castignano company has achieved growing success, acquiring countless awards and prizes from international critics, and thus carving out a prominent position among the most important oenological realities of the Marche.

Castignano wines come from about 500 hectares of vineyards, distributed among about 400 suppliers, who, through cooperative synergistic work, contribute to the production of about 600,000 bottles per year.

The Philosophy of Wines of Castignano

The quality of Castignano wines is testified by a rigorous agronomic work in the vineyard and a careful selection of the grapes by the partners, in order to bring to the cellar only raw material of excellent quality that is a true expression of the territory.

Among the essential aspects that distinguish the philosophy of Castignano wines we find respect for human capital, through a rigorous business ethics, and environmental sustainability.

Since 2019 the company boasts a line of certified organic wines from Marche made with capsules of recycled and biodegradable material. The labels also follow this approach and are made from recycled material.

Terroir of Castignano wines

Castignano wines come from vineyards located on the Piceno hills, surrounded by the Sibillini Mountains to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east.

The climate here is Mediterranean favored by the thermoregulatory action of the Adriatic Sea: the cool sea breeze mitigates the heat by caressing the vines in the summer months, while the Sibillini Mountains protect them in winter from the north winds.

The soils where Castignano wines are born are heterogeneous and range from clayey to sandy tuff soils, particularly rich in natural micronutrients.

All extremely favorable elements for an excellent ripening of the grapes, which make Castignano wines particularly endowed with intense and elegant aromas, with sensational freshness and minerality.

Castignano wines

The Castignano labels reflect the traditional wines of the Marche, such as Offida DOCG, Rosso Piceno DOC, Terre di Offida DOC, Falerio DOC, all important denominations of this territory.

Among the white berried varieties Pecorino, Passerina, Trebbiano, Verdicchio are used, while for the reds Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Lacrima and Merlot and countless Marche IGT wines, made as monovarietals and as a blend.

Of great interest among the wines of Castignano is the Offida DOCG Pecorino Montemisio, a real flagship of the production. It is an exciting white wine with eloquent aromas, sensational mineral sapidity and pressing acidity.

Among the wines of Castignano also the white Marche IGT Gramelot, a white wine of great character, obtained from the assembly of Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina, Verdicchio and embellished by aging in oak barrels should be taken into consideration.

The Offida Rosso DOCG Gran Maestro, an enveloping red wine with silky tannins, made through the combination of Montepulciano and Merlot and aged in French oak barriques, also deserves a special mention.

Very interesting among the Castignano sparkling wines is Passerina Terre di Offida DOC, a long Charmat method sparkling wine with a creamy perlage and seductive floral aromas. A very captivating wine, ideal for aperitifs and seafood appetizers.

But the line of Castignano wines is vast and waiting to be discovered: yet another testimony of the excellent winemaking vocation of the Marche region, and of how quantity and quality can be combined to create wines with a territorial character and an excellent value for money.

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