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(LA BRUNA – PERUGIA) Chiesa del Carmine is located in the so-called green lung of Italy, or in Umbria. Sangiovese is excellent here and the people who run the company are true masters of wine.

Chiesa del Carmine’s History and Philosophy

Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, Chiesa del Carmine is located in the heart of Umbria , between Umbertide and Perugia , at the foot of Monte Tezio . The current owners are Jeremy Sinclair , founder of one of the most famous advertising companies in the world, as well as being a philanthropist and teacher at the London School of Economics. His wife, Jacqueline , is an illustrator of children’s books. After a trip to Italy, they fell in love with the property and bought it in 2009. It took 10 years and a lot of care to renovate this Umbrian jewel in its current condition.

The Valle del Chiesa del Carmine follows a long tradition in the production of high quality wines. The now thriving farm includes ancient terraced olive groves, 5.7 hectares of certified organic vineyards divided into 1.2 hectares of Sangiovese , 1 hectare of Sagrantino and Merlot , just under one hectare of Cabernet Sauvignon and 2.2 hectares of Trebbiano Spoletino ; a 2.7 hectare truffle forest, pastures, organic products and a farm with luxury accommodation to enjoy this enchanting place to the fullest. Another property inside the Tenuta del Carmineit was acquired in 2016 and has been carefully restored in a cellar door to host wine tastings, provide cooking lessons and events for visitors and locals.

church of carmine umbria wines

The original vineyards with their old stakes were removed in 2011 and the ground was prepared for the new vines. The exciting results were produced in a short time, thanks to the precious advice of the oenologist Giovanni Dubini, owner of the Palazzone winery in Orvieto and producer of some of the most famous white wines in Italy. Its mission is clear: to maintain vineyards with the least amount of human intervention possible during agriculture and wine production. Stefano Dini, the winemaker, carefully checks the perfect ripeness of the grapes, in support of the mission declared by the Chiesa del Carmine, according to which the greatest wines are produced in the vineyards. Sommelier Mattia Giambattista, manager David Lang, and the invaluable Luciano Rosati are also part of the team. Organic vineyards and cellars work with sustainable practices, taking advantage of sunlight and rich rocky soil. All this plays a crucial role in the production of wines, which are already receiving important awards and are increasingly appreciated both locally and internationally.

The wines of Chiesa del Carmine

church of carmine umbria wines

The range of wines is exceptional: Campanile 2016 Rosso Igt , Rosa della Chiesa 2019 Rosato Igt , Igt white Trebbiano Spoletino 2019 ; Rosabella della Chiesa 2019 Grapes : 100% Merlot The white Trebbiano Spoletino Igt, part of a project for the recovery of native vines, offers a remarkable fascinating texture; the Rose of the Church , a limited edition Rosé wine , is the pure expression of Sangiovese.

Il Campanile

 The bell tower Chiesa del Carmine

Appellation: Umbria IGT
Grapes: Sangiovese 80%, Sagrantino 15%, Merlot 5%
Alcohol content: 13.5 °


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Tel: +39 347 864 2310
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