The 10 Best Wine & Truffle Pairings – How to Pair Wine and Truffle

How to pair wine and truffle? Discover the right wine to accompany the precious underground mushroom in all its forms. The five rules for pairing wine and truffle, how to pair black truffle and white truffle with wine, the types of red, white and sparkling wines to pair with truffles and examples of wine pairings White and Black Truffle to always know which wine is recommended to pair with Truffle on every occasion.

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1) Pairing wine and truffle by type of truffle

When we talk about Truffle Wine pairing we enter a world of true goodness. It is recommended to pair wine with truffles according to the type of truffle we are tasting.

2) Do not overpower the aroma of the truffle with the wine

Truffles always give a gustative persistence that enchants the palate and a fascinating and recognizable aroma, which is nevertheless delicate. Therefore, the wines recommended to be paired with dishes with truffles must be chosen to highlight, without ever overwhelming, the delicate aromas and intense taste of this precious tuberaceous.

3) Pair wine and ingredients that accompany the truffle

The truffle is always accompanied with other ingredients. Therefore the choice of the recommended wine to pair with the truffle is to be evaluated on the basis of the other protagonist elements of the dish that accompany its delicious taste. Always contextualize the pairings.

4) Which wine to pair with the Truffle? Sparkling, white or red?

Which wine to pair with the truffle? Red wine, white wine or sparkling wine? All types of wine are, in a different way that we are going to discover, potentially valid and recommended to accompany the Truffle. The important thing is that the wine is rich in aromas but without an excessive body that can destroy the delicate character of the truffle. In general, wines embellished with a long aging will be ideal for enhancing the truffle in a riot of elegant taste-olfactory sensations.

  • Truffle and White Wines?

    White wines are an excellent solution especially when the truffle accompanies pasta dishes, egg me also the raw meat of the tartare.
  • White wines with complex aromas and good aging potential are particularly recommended, such as Riesling, Timorasso, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi, Fiano d’Avellino, Gavi, Nascetta, Chablis and Pouilly-Fumé.
  • Truffles and red wines?

You can opt for red wines especially when the truffle garnishes a dish of grilled or stewed red meat. To be considered wines of good aromatic complexity but not excessive structure such as Pinot Nero, Chianti Classico, Barbera, Dolcetto, Merlot, Lagrein, Etna Rosso.

If the dish is particularly structured and rich in ingredients, you can also opt for more complex wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello di Montalcino and Amarone della Valpolicella.

  • Pairing Truffles and Sparkling Wines?

Bubbles can be considered when the dish is accompanied by a fatty and / or fried component. You will have to opt for sparkling wines that have had long aging on the yeasts, therefore with greater creaminess and less sharp acidity, as in the best Italian Classic Method or Champagne.

The classic method sparkling wines with long refinements, on the other hand, being embellished with mannoproteins, glycerin, fatty acids and baking scents, will marry with unusual elegance with the aromatic nuances of the truffle.

5) Pairing Wine and Truffle for territorial concordance:

Very often, as with many pairings, the best oenological response recommended in the Truffle Wine pairing is certainly the territorial combination.

For example, we can consider the Alba White Truffle with Piedmontese white wines such as Roero Arneis, Gavi, Timorasso, but also Alta Langa Classic Method sparkling wines.

Similarly, the places most linked to the Norcia Black Truffle, such as Umbria and the Marches, host white and red wines, capable of creating a sensational territorial bond such as Trebbiano Spoletino and Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. So let’s find out how to pair wine with Black Truffle and White Truffle.

Which Wine Pair with Black Truffle?

Molto accattivante l’abbinamento tagliolini al Tartufo Nero e Rosso di Montalcino o Nebbiolo d’Alba. Assolutamente consigliato.

The precious black truffle of Norcia (Tuber Melanosporum) is characterized by a strong aroma characterized by notes of humus and musk and an intense flavor: the perfect choice to enrich, grated, fresh, or even cooked, first courses of pasta and second courses of meat.

Among the ‘black truffles’ there are also the most common scorzoni, summer and autumn: less rich and precious, they are the ideal choice for flavored butters, for dressing cheese and stuffed croutons, for pasta and roasts.
How to accompany the fragrance and the passionate persistence of the Black Truffle with a wine pairing with first courses of pasta? A fragrant white wine, with good structure and length, well balanced in freshness and acidity and soft on the palate, can be ideally recommended.

The ideal choices recommended for pairing wine and Egg Pasta with Black Truffle? In this case a Vernaccia di San Gimignano Riserva, a Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Riserva, an evolved Riesling, a Timorasso or a Muller thurgau. Why? All these wines after long refinements are embellished with sensational nuances called ‘hydrocarbons’ that recall the sulphurous scents of truffles.
Which red wine to pair with first courses based on meat and black truffle? In this case you can opt for medium-bodied red wines such as Rosso di Montalcino, Valpolicella Ripasso, Merlot, Chianti Classico or Etna Rosso. Also interesting with the intense aroma and freshness of a Barbera or Pinot Noir.

Which wine to pair with black truffle with grilled or stewed meat? In this case, you can be more daring on the structure by trying a good Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, a Taurasi, an Aglianico del Vulture or a Barbaresco pairing. Clearly, great Italian red wines such as Brunello, Barolo or Amarone can also be a valid option.

Which Wine Pair with White Truffle?

Molti vini bianchi evoluti dai toni di pietra focaia e idrocarburi si sposano perfettamente con i sentori penetranti del Tartufo.

The White Truffle (Magnatum Pico), famous in the Langhe and Monferrato, is widespread in Italy, especially in the Central Apennines.

Characterized by fragrant aromas that are slightly reminiscent of garlic, Parmesan and undergrowth. It has a more intense and pungent taste than the Norcia Black Truffle and is strictly used raw, cut into thin slices, to season beef carpaccio, fondues, risottos and pastas, such as the typical Piedmontese tajarin.

The Bianchetto (Tuber Albidum) belongs to the same family. Less rare and with more intense garlicky notes, always used fresh as an enrichment of pasta dishes and raw meats.
Which wines to pair with the White Truffle? Sparkling wines, white and red, aromatic and persistent, with a silky taste and never excessive structure, to be selected according to the dish in which the truffle is added.

When you need to pair a white truffle wine with eggs, the best choice recommended for pairing falls on a classic method sparkling wine such as Alta Langa, Franciacorta Satèn, Trento DOC and Champagne Blanc de Blancs. Fragrant and with the right and lively freshness that is perfect to enhance the sweet trend of egg white and yolk.

If the dish involves white truffles as a condiment for a fragrant egg pasta, an excellent choice for pairing with the recommended wine could be paired with more complex Piedmontese whites. You can experiment with the best interpretations of the perfumed Roero Arneis and Gavi, or marry the truffle with the elegant brackish mineral tones of Nascetta and the more evolving Tortonesi Hills.

Also worth trying is a Chardonnay, fresh and full of flavor, such as those from the Karst and Langhe, or an aromatic Riesling from Oltrepò Pavese or from the Rhineland, or a Sauvignon with a few years of aging, the Pouilly-Fumé or some from Alto Adige. .

The Alba White Truffle and Langhe wines is also a sensational pairing.

In general, for the pairing of pasta and white truffle, it is good to opt for still white wines, with freshness and flavor, moderately structured but generous in aromas and length.

Which wine to pair with White Truffle when it accompanies white meats? In this case you can opt for fresh and fruity Barbera, a savory and creamy Chardonnay, or a Chianti Classico.

If the White Truffle is used to season red meats and game, it is a must to pair it with fine wines such as Barbaresco, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Pinot Nero from Alto Adige or a classic Barolo.

In the case of dishes with a particular structure, red wines of great complexity can be considered, however it will also be advisable to choose interpretations based on finesse rather than intensity.


Let’s find out together the best examples of wine and truffle pairing recommended to understand which wine to pair with truffles on every occasion. From the pairing of wine and Carpaccio di Carne al Tartufo, examples of pairing wine with Eggs and Truffles, how to pair wine and Tagliatelle al Tartufo, examples of pairing wine and truffle tagliata and examples of pairing wine and Truffle Pizza and Truffle ravioli.

Pairing Tagliatelle wine with truffles

The classic white truffle Tajarin pairs well with Piedmontese white wines with good aging potential such as Gavi, Roero Arneis, Timorasso, Nascetta. Also worth trying with Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Fiano, and Riesling.

The complex and multifaceted aromas of these wines range from floral fruity registers, which with aging develop mineral and hydrocarbon notes, which go perfectly with dishes embellished with truffles.

In the photo the Gavi of La Scolca

Wine pairing Carpaccio of Meat with Truffle

When fine white truffle flakes embellish a meat carpaccio all’Albese, an excellent choice for pairing with wine can be the fresh and fragrant Barbera d’Alba. The good acidity but moderate structure of Barbera will be ideal to accompany a delicate dish such as a Carpaccio di Carne al Tartufo.

Alternatively, consider also Pinot Nero, Lagrein, Valpolicella or a Beaujolais.

In the photo the Barbera d’Alba Mysterium of Tenuta Montemagno

Wine pairing with Eggs and Truffles

Which wine to pair eggs and white truffle? Thanks to its fragrant notes of dried fruit and croissants given by the long refinements on the yeasts, but also to the flavor and freshness, a Classic Method can be an excellent pairing option.

An exquisitely territorial example of pairing Wine with White Alba Truffle Eggs can be the Alta Langa Classic Method.

Alternatively, try pairing wine and eggs and truffles with other Italian classic method sparkling wines such as Franciacorta, Trento DOC, Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico.

In the photo the Alta Langa Piambé sparkling wine from Pianbello

Pairing wine and Ravioli with Truffle

Which wine to pair with Truffle Ravioli?

Vernaccia di San Gimignano Riserva DOCG boasts a prolonged refinement, a good structure and flavor. In addition, with evolution, complex aromas of saltiness and brackish notes mature that recall the soil of San Gimignano, rich in marine fossils.

It is an excellent truffle wine pairing for egg pasta dishes such as ravioli and noodles with truffles.

In the photo the Vernaccia di San Gimignano ‘Sanice’ by Cesani

Wine pairing Cut with Truffle

If the truffle is used to accompany a fillet with black truffle, then examples of pairings can be wines with good structure and balance such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Merlot, Bolgheri or Taglio Bordolese wines in general, Chianti Classico and Dolcetto.

In the case of grilled or stewed red meat dressed with white truffles, you can also opt for wines of great complexity such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Amarone, Brunello and Taurasi.

In the photo Paola Sordo’s Barolo

Pairing Pizza with Truffle wine

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