(PARTINICO – PALERMO) A continuous race towards success thanks to quality white and red wines. Their vineyards are in excellent positions and produce wines such as Agimbè, Benuara, Cubìa, Jalé, Noà, Sàgana and Moscato dello Zucco.

Cusumano’s History and Philosophy

The search for quality never comes about by chance, but is always a precise choice. Such research lies at the basis of the Cusumano farm, founded by the brothers Alberto and Diego Cusumano in 2001 at Partinico (Sicily), with the aim of producing important wines that have a strong character and territorial features. Two basic elements were necessary to reach this excellence: suitable vineyard land for growing the grapes in a good position and the family’s careful and constant work in both the vineyard and cellar, supervised by an oenologist during their transition from the simplest to the more complex wines, and then to bottles with personality and character.

The family has been exploring Sicily for years to find the most suitable areas in which to plant its vineyards and thus was able to choose only the best. To date, the winery only produces wines from its own grapes, which come from the first vineyards located in such choice spots as Ficuzza, Butera, Monreale, Etna between Castiglione di Sicilia, Randazzo and Linguaglossa (Alta Mora) and Calatafimi. The second by a fortunate coincidence: a friend of Diego Cusumano was on friendly terms with Mario Ronco, a trained and experienced Piedmontese oenologist who turned out to be an ideal choice and who has worked with them from the start. In fact, since February 2001, he has been responsible for helping to make Cusumano a significant name in the world wine concepts.

The wines of Cusumano

This estate has never stopped growing and expanding in less than twenty years, while never abandoning its desire to achieve excellence and create a wide range of labels, like, for example, the Agimbè, the Benuara, the Cubìa, the Jalé, the Sàgana and the Moscato dello Zucco. The red Sicilia Doc Noà wine stands out from them all as a warm, well-balanced and persistent wine. A significant confirmation of what this territory has to offer.

Cusumano Wines

Appellation: Sicilia D.O.C.
Grapes: Nero d'Avola 100%
Alcohol: 14,5°

Appellation: Sicilia D.O.C.
Grapes: Nero d’Avola 40%, Merlot 30%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%
Alcohol: 14,5°

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Address: SS 113 Km 307, Contrada San Carlo, 90047 Partinico (PA)
Tel: +39 091.8908713
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