Dante Rivetti

Dante Rivetti

(NEIVE – CUNEO) Dante Rivetti produces wines in the Roero and Langhe, famous for its Barbaresco Bric ‘Micca wines, or the elegant Barbaresco Bricco di Neive Riserva and many others.

Dante Rivetti’s History and Philosophy

The Langhe and Roero are among the most fascinating landscapes of Piedmont, where the hills with its vineyards are the backdrop to villages and ancient villages perched on the heights, and where the great winemaking traditions are recognized all over the world, not surprisingly World Heritage Site , Unesco. The Dante Rivetti winery is located in this sandstone, in the hamlet of Bricco di Neive in the province of Cuneo and from the hill of the same name Rivetti dominates the surrounding valley.

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The history of this company, which returned to the family’s ownership after more than a century, dates back to the late 1800s. In fact, founded by Pinin Rivetti, he then saw Dante Rivetti, in the second half of the 70s, at the helm of the family winery, from which the company then took its name. Currently managed by Katia, Mara and Ivan, sons of Dante and supported by the well-known oenologist Donato Lanati for wine consulting.

The 60 hectares of vines, since 2016 under a regime of agriculture and certified organic production, are distributed in three different farms and in three different areas. Cascina Froi, the company center, is located in Bricco di Neive in the municipality of Neive; the grounds of this complex are destined for the production of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Moscato with vineyards ranging from 40 to 75 years of age. While Cascina Garassino is located in the municipality of Mango, here the traditional Piedmontese production such as Nebbiolo and Arneis is added to the cultivation of international vines of Merlot, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay. Finally there is Cascina La Palazzina, which is located in the heart of the production of the municipality of Alba, with vineyards of about 35 years of age, and is intended for the production of the most classic variety such as the excellent Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto.

The wines of Dante Rivetti

giving rivets 2The logics of processing both in the cellar, and for the care of the land and vineyards, are marked with the utmost respect and absolute protection of the environment and biodiversity, with the aim of increasing the value of this territory, where the land naturally they return those unmistakable characteristics, thanks to the calcareous-clayey character of the so-called “white lands” prevalent in the Langa, to the microclimate and to the excellent exposure, which allow the birth of fresh, very fragrant wines, with a typical personality and excellent quality level.
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The proposed line is very articulated and well made, with its typical red Piedmontese wines, such as the full-bodied and persistent Barbaresco Bric ‘Micca, or the elegant Barbaresco Bricco di Neive Riserva, but where whites are no less and an example is the fragrant Piedmont Chardonnay La Valletta, or the Moscato d’Asti Riveto, to highlight also the Moscato D’Asti Vendemmia Tardiva.

Barbaresco Riserva Bricco di Neive

Barbaresco Dante Rivetti
Appellation:Barbaresco D.O.C.G. Riserva
Grapes:Nebbiolo 100%

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Address: Via Bricco, 12 – 12057 Neive (CN)
Tel: +39 0173 67125
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