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(CASTELVETERE SUL CALORE -AVELLINO) The brothers Salvatore and Bruno Gaeta have been taking care of this company located in Castelvetere sul Calore since 2009. Here they produce quality red wines from organic viticulture, such as Irpinia Campi Taurasini DOC DE’GAETA.

The History of De’Gaeta Wines

DE’GAETA wines are produced in Castelvetere sul Calore, about 22 km from Avellino and 75 km from Naples, in the south-west of Italy.

An area that boasts prestigious DOCGs, among which the flagship is Aglianico Taurasi. It can be said that Aglianico is the best interpreter of the exceptional variety of the Campania region, in which a multitude of expressions come together for a single character, which has origins truly distant in time and which today tends to ever greater quality.

The DE’GAETA company, founded in 2009, first of all focused on the red Campi Taurasini. It was simple and natural with this denomination to give full expression to the oenological potential of this territory, rich in history and tradition, but also with a terroir of great vocation and native vines of great expressiveness.

De’Gaeta’s Philosophy of Wines

Respect for the environment and biodiversity are certainly two fundamental elements in the production of De’Gaeta wines, which boasts a certified organic production. In fact, for the production of De’Gaeta wines, no synthetic chemical product is used other than sulfur and copper.

Another essential aspect for the production of De ‘Gaeta is the goal of creating sincere wines, which become narrators of the territory of origin in its specific climate, soil, native vines and climatic trends of the different vintages.

Terroir of De’Gaeta wines

The wines of De ‘Gaeta are born in Irpinia, a historical region of the Campania Apennines, very different from the rest of Campania for pedoclimatic conditions. Irpinia is a hilly mountainous plateau embellished with centuries-old woods, lakes and rivers. The climate is continental pre-alpine, characterized by strong thermal excursions, while the soils where the wines of De’Gaeta are born are mainly clayey and sandy with the presence of limestone and elements of volcanic origin, particularly rich in mineral micronutrients.

The five hectares of vineyards from which De’Gaeta wines are born are in the open countryside, perched on the crest of the hill at 490 meters above sea level. A terrace overlooking the Irpinia landscape, where the surrounding landscape is characterized by the predominance of Mount Tuoro and downstream from the Calore Irpino river.

These conditions represent an ideal habitat for the native vines of Irpinia, which in fact give life to rich, intense wines with great olfactory expressiveness that particularly enhance the sapid mineral tones and the potential for aging.

The wines of De’Gaeta

The brothers Salvatore and Bruno Gaeta, admirers of good wine, have directed their work to immediately obtain a product of excellence and thanks to their passion and to the agronomic and oenological management of Vincenzo Mercurio they are able to obtain a wine that improves from harvest to harvest.

The red wine ‘De’Gaeta’ Irpinia Campi Taurasini DOC expresses all the love that Salvatore and Bruno have for their land. A wine that fascinates with its intense and deep character. Of great interest among the wines of De’Gaeta is also the Taurasi ‘Duecape’ DOCG, a wine of unusual elegance, with a rich tannic texture and aromas of great eloquence.

The wines of De ‘Gaeta are all to be discovered and characterized by flawless expressiveness, flavor and balance. It is a small production of high quality which, thanks to the constant commitment of the company, enhances the great enological potential of this territory and the recent DOC Irpinia Campi Taurasini denomination.


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Information & Contacts De ‘Gaeta

Address: Via Toppolocozzetto, 1 83040 – Castelvetere Sul Calore (AV)
Telephone: +39 335 5814696
Tasting on the farm: YES, by reservation
Direct Sales: YES