(SASSARI) Dettori produces wines in Badde Nigolosu, a sub-area of ​​Romangia. Among its wines of great interest the Tenores and Dettori Rosso obtained from Cannonau, and the Dettori Bianco produced in Vermentino.

The history of Dettori wines

Dettori was born in 1980 from the impulse of Alessandro Dettori, with the aim of creating territorial wines in Romangia inspired by the principles of biodynamics. To date, Dettori has about 24 hectares cultivated with native vines such as Cannonau, Vermentino, Pascale, Moscato and Monica.

Dettori is a company that has made the return to its origins its flag, in the sense that it rejects any manipulation, filtering, or other expedient that aims to circumvent the natural course of things, also renouncing temperature control in the winemaking process.

This traditional agriculture, meaning the practices followed before the use of chemistry and technology, produces truly fascinating artisanal wines, perhaps not always perfect and flawless, but for this very reason more intriguing.

The center of this romantic conception of viticulture is Alessandro Dettori, a character moved by the sacred fire of the commitment to enhancing the territory, its fruits, as well as the culture, even ancient, inherent in everything.

Dettori Wines

Among the Dettori wines it is evident that the privileged vines are strictly the autochthonous ones of the territory, not only the already known and established ones, for having demonstrated their value beyond any doubt, but also those still awaiting consecration, even if they possess right.

From the wide and multifaceted range of Dettori wines, we point out the Chimbanta Romangia Rosso, obtained by Monica, a wine with a vigorous character, impetuous in some ways, as if not domesticated, but warm and enveloping.

Moscadeddu Romangia Bianco, from Moscadeddu, with fruity but not simple aromas, elegant and refined, with a harmonious and long palate. The Tenores Romangia Rosso, from Cannonau, expresses all the known strength of the varietal, which brings the warmth of this land, as well as the Tuderi Romangia Rosso, also from Cannonau, which is perhaps more impressive, with olfactory notes of ripe fruit and spices, and a bursting palate, succulent and long in the final development.

A vast production to be discovered is represented by the wines of Dettori, which becomes the narrator of the expressiveness and the enological quality that this land is capable of offering.

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