Elio Altare

(LA MORRA – CUNEO) Elio Altare was a revolutionary icon for Langhe wines. Considered the leader of the Barolo Boys, he has become internationally famous for his extraordinary Barolo wines with a modernist approach.

Elio Altare’s History and Philosophy

Every revolution, according to the normal course of events, finds its Thermidor, every revolutionary, sooner or later, once the sacred fire and the passion of youthful enthusiasm have faded, gradually adapts to the concrete facts of everyday reality.

But there are occasional exceptions, and one of these is certainly Elio Altare, creator of many revolutionary concepts and acts from the mid-1980s onwards: drastically shortened fermentation times, use of small woods to refine wines, resolute search for more tannins. soft, even in wines made from grapes with a high tannic content such as Nebbiolo from Piedmont.

For some of the many followers who followed this path, these practices, in the very first moments, were little more than a manifestation of the various fashions of the moment, but for Altare it was profound convictions, the result of many, many years of work in the field ( in every sense): within a very short time, it will celebrate its fiftieth harvest.

Those who visit his cellars, in fact, can notice a photograph of the young Altar driving an ox through the rows of a vineyard – in those days, smallholder owners could not afford tractors, and therefore animal traction was widely used. . Not many years ago, Altare had started – and came out as the big winner – a new challenge, a Barolo from Serralunga d’Alba.

Elio Altare Wines

A country whose wines would normally seem the opposite of the Altare ideal: powerful, enveloping, intense and dense, whose tannins are not the velvet and silk that he usually looks for. But with Barolo Cerretta Vigna Bricco managed to harness and tame the wild spirit of Serralunga, a success of truly remarkable proportions.

Barolo Cerretta Vigna Bricco 2011

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