Elio Grasso

(MONFORTE D’ALBA – CUNEO) Elio Grasso and his son Gianluca produce wine from first choice sites in Piedmont, giving light to very famous wines, such as Barolo Runcot Riserva red wine.

Elio Grasso’s History and Philosophy

“You Can’t Go Home” by novelist Thomas Wolfe is widely considered one of the twentieth century classics of American literature, and the title is often used to indicate that the experiences of childhood, adolescence and youth are unrepeatable. Adult life must continue , must accept the fact that a new phase of life has arrived and must be lived according to its rules. Elio Grasso’s career , however, with which his son Gianluca has joined, would seem to indicate the opposite.

Born within an old family of Monforte d’Alba with substantial vineyards in the prestigious parts of the town, Grasso may seem destined for a career as a Barolo producer . But instead he chose a different path, at least in the early stages of adult life, choosing to work in the world of finance and living an urban existence that was decidedly different from that of the rural world in which he was born and raised.

The wines of Elio Grasso

The call of the land, however, eventually proved strong, and the return to Monforte d’Alba was probably only a matter of time.

And what he returned to was in fact an impressive patrimony: 18 hectares of vineyards that include first-rate sites such as Chiniera , Casa Matè , and Runcot . Grasso, in fact, just in 1978, decided to ferment and age on his own the grapes of his best plots and was a pioneer in selling both a regular Barolo and also a series of crus .

As a producer, Grasso has always been attentive to tradition, but, given the important experiences linked to the numerous generations of his family in the area, he has never wanted to radically transform his wines: both Chiniera and Casa Matè are aged in barrels; only the Runcot , a Riserva , ages in small barrels. Innovation, on the other hand, is represented by two other wines from the line: the excellent Barbera Martina aged in barrels and Educato , a Chardonnay fermented in barrels.


Appellation: Barolo DOCG
Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo
Alcohol: 14% -14.5 %


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Address: Località Ginestra 40, 12065 Monforte d’Alba (CN)
Tel: +39 0173.78491
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