Enrico Santini

(CASTAGNETO CARDUCCI – LIVORNO) High-level Bordeaux wines are produced in Castagneto Carducci by Enrico Santini, in his namesake company. It is the Bolgheri Bianco Campo alla Casa wine and the three Bolgheri red wines Poggio al Moro, I Montali and Bolgheri Superiore Montepergoli.

Enrico Santini’s History and Terroir

The world of wine is a difficult world, made up of hard work, competition with large companies, a continuous struggle with Mother Nature and a great, strong passion. The passion for the job that is done but also for the chosen territory. This is the case of Enrico Santini , born and raised in the Bolgheri area and deeply in love with his land. Santini was not born as a producer, but his curiosity and passion for wine led him to close with his old job and to test himself in a friend’s vineyards and cellar. Three years after a new turning point: he decides to found his own company that still carries on with great respect for nature, in a simple and artisanal way.

The Philosophy of the wines of Enrico Santini

Since 1999, the year of foundation, he has only followed the principles of organic agriculture , which he considered the only ones capable of enhancing the flavors of Bolgheri and the Tuscan countryside to the maximum and without compromise. And his successes seem to prove him right. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Sangiovese and Vermentino grapes are grown on approximately 18 hectares. In this area the grapes are caressed by the sea wind in summer and protected from frost by the nearby Metalliferous Hills in winter. It is thanks to the significant temperature ranges, especially in the months of August and September, that the grapes ripen slowly and evenly, giving the wines balance and freshness. In addition to the microclimate this territory also boasts a clayey and sandy soil, which releases the right nourishment to the grapes, advantages that good winemakers must be able to enhance, as in this case.

The wines of Enrico Santini

The house wines are four: Bolgheri Bianco Campo alla Casa , the only white wine, very aromatic, and three Bolgheri red wines , Poggio al Moro , very persistent, I Montali , intense, a wine that is born following an accurate selection of Santini in the cellar, and last but not least the Bolgheri Superiore Montepergoli , a wine with a dense, well-structured, extremely pleasant texture. They are high-level Bordeaux, excellent expressions of their territory and of Enrico Santini’s love.


bolgheri superiore

Appellation: Bolgheri Rosso Superiore DOC
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Merlot 35%, Syrah 20%, Sangiovese 5%
Alcohol: 14.5°

Info & Contacts Enrico Santini

Address: Località Campo alla Casa, 74 Castagneto Carducci (LI)
Tel: +39 0565774375
e-mail: info@enricosantini.it
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