Fattoria del Colle – Donatella Cinelli Colombini

(TREQUANDA – SIENA) Fattoria del Colle is a farmhouse with restaurant, wellness area and spa based in Trequanda, in the province of Siena.

The company produces wines of great interest inspired by the Tuscan tradition such as Il Drago and the Otto Colombe, Cenerentola, Leone Rosso, Chianti Superiore and many others.

The history of Fattoria del Colle

The Fattoria del Colle company is located in Trequanda in the province of Siena, in Tuscany.

Your gaze takes in the gentle Tuscan hills of the Val d’Orcia, embellished with cypresses, olive groves and vineyards and the presence of the Crete Senesi and Monte Amiata on the horizon.

As is well known, the most beautiful places are often also the most suitable for the production of wines.

And it is in fact here that Donatella Cinelli Colombi in 1998 restored the Fattoria del Colle, a structure with tradition dating back to 1592. Thus she inaugurated a welcoming farmhouse and created a modern cellar which, together with Casato Prime Donne di Montalcino, gives life to the very elegant wines of Donatella Cinelli Colombini.

Fattoria del Colle, led by Donatella Cinelli Colombini assisted by her daughter Violante Gardini, is a very prestigious reality in the field of wine tourism in Italy. The wines of Fattoria del Colle come from about 17 hectares planted with vines and include Tuscan Chianti and Orcia DOC wines from native and international vines, for a total number of about 90,000 bottles per year.

Services and Activities of Fattoria del Colle

At the Fattoria del Colle di Trequanda it is possible to stay choosing between different hospitality solutions: it offers 17 apartments and a magnificent Private Villa to enjoy more peace and privacy.

The Fattoria del Colle also allows you to take advantage of numerous services including the restaurant inspired by traditional Tuscan cuisine, 3 outdoor swimming pools with panoramic views, a wellness and relaxation center and a cooking school.

The large spaces, the swimming pool and the restaurant make Fattoria del Colle an ideal place to host unforgettable weddings.

Among the various activities offered there are also guided tours to the two wineries of Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino, wine and oil tastings accompanied by musical experiences, nature trails in the woods and archery.

The ‘little winemaker’ activity is very original and appreciated, allowing guests to try their hand at making their own wine, creating a personalized blend of various grape varieties. The Fattoria del Colle is also surrounded by enchanting parks served by games and paths for children to play outdoors.

Terroir and Philosophy of Wines of Fattoria del Colle

The vineyards from which the wines of Fattoria del Colle are born are spread over 17 hectares with south-west exposure, with calcareous-clayey soils particularly rich in mineral micronutrients: ideal conditions to give the wines great polyphenolic content, depth and evolutionary potential.

The microclimate is influenced by wooded boundaries and by the hilly altitudes that favor good temperature excursions, providential for the fineness of the aromas of the grapes.

Respect for the environment and biodiversity are certainly key elements for the production of Fattoria del Colle wines. In fact, the winery is not only powered by photovoltaic panels and adopts organic organic viticulture, but also limits the use of copper by choosing more sustainable alternatives.

The grapes from the different plots are vinified separately to be then assembled in the final phase. Fermentation takes place in thermo-regulated steel vats by indigenous yeasts, while refinements take place in large 5 and 7 Hl French oak barrels and tonneaux.

Another essential aspect for the production of Fattoria del Colle wines is the idea of ​​creating sincere products, which become narrators of the territory of origin in its specific soil and climate and in the different vintages.

To make the wines of Fattoria del Colle, a high planting density is therefore adopted, as dictated by modern quality viticulture, low yields in the vineyard and rigorous manual selection to bring only the best grapes to the cellar. These are essential prerequisites for not having to intervene with invasive corrections during the vinification phase, but to let the first quality raw material obtained from work in the vineyard speak for itself.

Wines from Fattoria del Colle

The mainstay of the wines of the Fattoria del Colle is Sangiovese, accompanied by complementary vines such as Foglia Tonda, Canaiolo Nero, Sagrantino and Merlot.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s commitment to the enhancement of biodiversity by promoting local vines is of great attention.

Witness the award-winning ‘Cenerentola’ Orcia DOC wine, obtained from the assembly of fresh and lively Sangiovese and the darker and more spicy Foglia Tonda. The result is an exquisitely territorial wine with a unique character, which sums up the expressive eloquence and the oenological potential of the Val d’Orcia terroir in an excellent way.

Among the wines of Fattoria del Colle, the wine ‘Il Drago e le Otto Colombre’ IGT, dedicated to Donatella’s husband, Carlo Gardini, should be taken into particular consideration. It is a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Sagrantino that wisely combines tannic power, volume and elegance.

Of no less interest among the wines of Fattoria del Colle is the ‘Leone Rosso’ Orcia DOC, dedicated to the Socini family, ancestors of Donatella Cinelli Colombini. The strength of this wine is the combination of the intrinsic pacing acidity of Sangiovese and the silky tannins of Merlot, which give life to one of rare balance and enveloping.

Among the red wines of great interest also Chianti Superiore, obtained from Sangiovese and complementary vines. A wine of excellent versatility in food pairing that maximizes the floral character of Sangiovese.

Among the wines of Fattoria del Colle, the Rosa di Tetto IGT wine also stands out, a rosé wine made from Sangiovese grapes. A very seductive interpretation of rosé wine that exploits the intrinsic acidity of Sangiovese to create a lively and captivating wine, which traces seductive floral notes of violet and wild raspberry to the nose, flanked by medicinal herbs and reminiscences of Mediterranean scrub.

Ideal for aperitifs and fish-based dishes, sensational also to harmonize the savory fatness of semi-aged cheeses and cold cuts.

The line of products offered by Fattoria del Colle also offers 3 different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grappas and a small production of Vin Santo.

The excellent white wine obtained from a short maceration on the skins ‘Sanchimento IGT’, dedicated to the patron saint of the church Clemente I Papa and obtained from Traminer grapes, a very rare vine in Tuscany, is also very compelling. In Sanchimento the delicate floral notes of lychees, passion fruit and salt are just the prelude to a savory and rich palate, in which the Mediterranean climate of the Val d’Orcia echoes.

All wines of great character are those of Fattoria del Colle, which combine great olfactory finesse, sumptuous elegance and richness on the palate. A testimony once again of the great expressive potential of the Val d’Orcia terroir.

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Information & Contacts Fattoria del Colle

Address: Località Colle – 53020 Trequanda (SI)
Phone: +39 0577 66 21 08
Website: https://www.cinellicolombini.it/cantine-e-vini/fattoria-del-colle/
Farmhouse & Rooms: https://www.booking.com/hotel/it/fattoria-del-colle.it.html
E-mail: info@cinellicolombini.it
Tasting in the company: YES, guided tours with the possibility of having lunch at the restaurant
Direct Sales: YES