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(LUCCA) Fattoria la Torre produces wines in Montecarlo, in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany. Of great interest are wines such as Esse, Stringaio, Albireo, Altair, Montecarlo DOC white and red.

The history of Fattoria la Torre

The Fattoria la Torre company is located in Montecarlo, in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany.

The view here is dominated by the medieval village of Montecarlo, surrounded by the rolling Tuscan hills, which slope down towards the Versilia Sea, which caresses the vineyards with the fresh sea breezes.

As is well known, the most beautiful places are often also the most suitable for the production of wines. And it is in fact here that Marco Celli, following a career as a mechanical engineer, decided to recover his father Alvaro’s farm.

Fattoria la Torre has a long tradition linked to the production of wine in the hills of Lucca, with origins dating back to 1887. But the wine in the Lucca area has even more ancient roots: there is evidence of winemaking in this area dating back to the ancient Romans.

The company, managed by the Celli family and assisted by the oenologist Valentino Ciarla, currently has over 7 hectares planted with vines and produces Tuscan wines obtained both from native vines such as Vermentino, Sangiovese, and from international vines such as Viognier, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

The French vines have a tradition in Montecarlo that dates back to the end of the 1800s. In particular, Syrah, the famous grape variety originating from the Rhone Valley, has found an ideal habitat to express itself with great character in the Montecarlo area, as also testified by the establishment of the DOC Montecarlo since 1969.

Terroir of the wines of Fattoria la Torre

The vineyards of are spread over 7 hectares vineyards with southwest exposure and alkaline-clay soils particularly rich in mineral micronutrients typical of Montecarlo. Ideal conditions to give a great polyphenolic outfit, depth and complexity especially to red wines.

The climate here is favored by the wooded boundaries and the thermoregulatory action of the Versilia Sea: the cool sea breeze mitigates the heat by caressing the vines in the summer months, and the altitudes favor good temperature ranges, providential for the fineness of the aromas of the grapes.

These pedoclimatic characteristics of the vineyards of Fattoria La Torre are extremely favorable for an excellent ripening of the grapes, and for the production of wines with great structure, strength and character, especially for international varieties.

And the French-derived vines, present since 1800, are now considered indigenous to Montecarlo, and are the protagonists of the production of Fattoria la Torre wines. Here, in the Montecarlo area, they give life to rich, intense wines with great olfactory eloquence, which particularly enhance the savory tones and thick tannins.

Philosophy of Fattoria la Torre wines

Respect for the environment and biodiversity is certainly a key element in the production of Fattoria la Torre wines, which in fact boasts a certified organic and vegan production.

Another essential aspect for the production of Fattoria la Torre is the idea of ​​creating sincere wines, which become narrators of the territory of origin in its specific soil and climate and in the different vintages.

Good planting density such as modern quality viticulture, low yields in the vineyard, and rigorous manual selection adopted to bring only the best perfectly ripe grapes to the cellar. These are essential prerequisites for not having to intervene with invasive corrections during the vinification phase, but to let the first quality raw material obtained from the work in the vineyard speak for itself.

Wines from Fattoria la Torre

The production of Fattoria la Torre wines is divided between wines produced with native vines such as Vermentino, Sangiovese and international ones such as Viognier, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Particular attention should be paid to the ‘Esse’ wine, Syrah in purity, which represents the flagship of the production, made from the most suitable vineyards of the company.

It is a courageous wine of rare elegance that bets on enhancing the varietal character of Syrah: it presses on the nose with eloquent spicy fruity aromas, enriched by the sweet spices of the first passage barriques wisely integrated.

Among the red wines of great interest is also the Stringaio Rosso, a supertuscan wine obtained from the assembly of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah: voluminous, with a sensational extract and penetrating fruity aromas, embellished with undergrowth tones and nuances of exotic spices.

The excellent white wine ‘Altair’ is also very compelling, obtained from the assembly of Vermentino and Viognier and fermented in barrique: a wine of great flavor that spreads incisive sensations of exotic fruits and yellow pulp, floral “nuances” of broom, embellished with suggestions of saltiness and “viennoiserie”.

Among the other wines of Fattoria la Torre there is the Montecarlo DOC RED, obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon, of great immediacy and gastronomic potential that well balances drinkability and strength. Ideal in combination with appetizers based on Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses.

Among the wines of Fattoria la Torre there is also the ‘Ison’ Brut Rosé wine, a sparkling rosé wine made with the Martinotti method obtained from Sangiovese. A very seductive interpretation of sparkling rosé wine that exploits the intrinsic acidity of Sangiovese to create a lively and captivating wine, which traces seductive floral notes of violet and wild raspberry to the nose, flanked by medicinal herbs and reminiscences of Mediterranean scrub. Ideal for aperitifs and fish-based dishes, sensational also to harmonize the savory fatness of semi-aged cheeses and cold cuts.

All wines of great character, which combine great olfactory finesse, flavor and richness on the palate. A testimony once again of the great expressive potential of the Montecarlo terroir.

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