Fattoria Nicolucci

Fattoria Nicolucci

(PREDAPPIO – FORLI-CESENA) Alessandro Nicolucci in his company in Predappio produces an excellent Sangiovese wine, but not only. In its line, white wines, sparkling wines and dessert wines.

Fattoria Nicolucci’s History and Philosophy

There are places in Italy where the origins of a grape are rooted in the DNA of the people who work it from generation to generation and where it marks the seasons and the daily life of life is savored in a sincere glass of wine drunk at the bar, or at home, or at an important table and whose literates over the centuries have praised its virtues and this is precisely the case of the ‘ Sunguis di Jovi ‘ as the ancients called it, the Sangiovese red and intense wine which forms the basis of the great Italian reds such as Brunello, or Chianti. But this is also the story of the Predappio arsenal , historically the “cradle” of the Sangiovese and of the Nicolucci Farm, located in Predappio Alta, a medieval village nestled in the Rabbi Valley, at an altitude of about 300m above sea level, in the province of Forlì, which has been producing wine for over a century in one of the areas most suited to this grape variety.

Fattoria Nicolucci wines from Romagna

Currently managed by the winemaker Alessandro Nicolucci , who represents the fourth generation, it is a company that has its vineyards, with stumps from twenty to ninety years of age, among the longest-lived in the area and are mainly cultivated with Sangiovese , with a small percentage of Trebbiano , Pinot and Albana placed on 10 hectares of property and on clayey soils, very dry and in this case sulfur in the subsoil, due to the solfatara quarries present in this area, this allows to create robust wines, full-bodied, softer and with a good predisposition refinement, which allows an annual production of around 70,000 bottles. The farm boasts a wine of depth, strong of the family’s centuries-old tradition, Sangiovese di Predappio Vigna del Generale, with a ruby ​​red color, an intense and complex aroma, pleasantly intriguing, a wine that has obtained various awards and is the maximum expression of this company.

The wines of Fattoria Nicolucci

The proposed line is dry and well organized, 4 Sangiovese-based reds; Predappio di Predappio Vigna del Generale Romagna Sangiovese DOC Superiore Riserva, Tre Rocche Romagna Sangiovese DOC Superiore, Nero di Predappio Sangiovese Terrano IGT, almond trees Romagna Sangiovese DOC Superiore. A sparkling white: Grigio d’Appio Bianco Frizzante based on Trebbiano and Pinot, a Sparkling wine: Grigio Brut Spumante Brut always based on Trebbiano and Pinot and finally a sweet wine: Passolo White wine from overripe grapes based on Albana.

Predappio di Predappio Vigna del Generale

Appellation: Romagna D.O.C.
Grapes: Sangiovese 100%
Alcohol: 14,5°
Tasting: SEE SHEET

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Address: Via Umberto I 21, 47016 Predappio (FC)
Tel: + 39 0543 92 23 61
Website: www.vininicolucci.com
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