Fattoria Pagano

Fattoria Pagano

(CARINOLA – CASERTA) Eleven labels, all organic wines, produced in Ceriniola in Campania. Falanghina, Greco, Fiano and the undisputed protagonist is the Falerno available in both White and Red and in Reserve.

Fattoria Pagano’s History and Philosophy

The Farm Pagano is located in Campania in Ceriniola in the province of Caserta on the slopes of Mount Massico ; a mountain range that starting from the slopes of the Roccamonfina volcano reaches the Tyrrhenian coast. Here one of the oldest wines in the world is produced, Falerno wine, despite the recognition of the DOC only in 1989. Historically, in fact , Falernum is the first DOC established in the world .

The production area where Falerno del Massico DOP is produced corresponds to five municipalities: Mondragone, Sessa Aurunca, Cellole, Falciano del Massico and Carinola . Fattoria Pagano is one of the small realities in a precious territory for viticulture in Italy and Ceriniola is the last town to fall within the DOC area of ​​the Falerno area.

This company founded in 2001, with its wines, testifies not only the history of this land suited to the production of some of the finest wines in Italy, but a continuity that has characterized its viticulture for tradition and passion for millennia, thanks to territories from the mixed volcanic, tufaceous and limestone composition, which lead to a good potential for aging and great minerality, which differentiate the wines produced, creating the conditions for internationally renowned nectars here. That passion and dedication that today Antonio Pagano , a chartered accountant, in the management and management of the company, has transmitted and shares with his son Angelo , as entire generations have done before them for millennia.

The wines of Fattoria Pagano

The vineyards owned by Fattoria Pagano extend over 14 hectares in Carinola , where two terraces welcome the vineyards of Falanghina, Aglianico and Piedirosso , but to these are added another two hectares in Altavilla , not far from the company and where there vineyards of Fiano and Greco are planted . Currently the company is oriented towards organic viticulture and the oenological care and advice is entrusted to Angelo Fiore. The proposed line is varied and wide in its 11 labels and meets the wide-ranging market demand. In fact, annual production is around 100,000 bottles, vintages permitting and sales are made both in Italy and in the USA, China, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany and other European countries.

The proposal for whites is made up of: Falanghina , Greco , Fiano , and also a late harvest: Falanghina Vendemmia Tardiva Roccamonfina Bianco IGT , there is also a rosé: Rosè Roccamonfina Rosato IGT , a blend of Aglianico , Piedirosso and Merlot . While for the production of red wines we have a very interesting Piedirosso vinified in steel and an Aglianico, and finally the mythical and undisputed protagonist of the production is Falerno : White , Red and a Reserve . A note of merit goes to Falerno del Massico Angelus with suggestive sensations, tasty and elegant, an embrace that combines history with its legendary two thousand years and more of tradition, which the company offers in its careful production and respect for the environment.


Name: Falerno del Massico DOC
Grapes: Aglianico 80%, Piedirosso 20%
Alcohol content: 14.5%
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Address: Via Provinciale per Falciano, 2, 81030 Carinola CE
Tel: +39 389 547 5419
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