Feudo Maccari

Feudo Maccari

(NOTO – SIRACUSA) The businessman Antonio Moretti Cuseri has over time purchased various estates scattered throughout Italy. In Noto, Sicily, it produces Nero d’Avola, Syrah and Grillo in its Feudo Maccari company.

Feudo Maccari’s History and Philosophy

The Nero d’Avola grape has had an eventual history over the past twenty years. Its origins would appear to be in the southeastern part of the island (Avola is in the province of Siracusa) and its was, until rather recently, cultivated almost exclusively for the production of wine for blending, a purpose which it served very well due to two important characteristics: its deep color and a well sustained acidity, something somewhat unusual for the wines of the Italian south.

In the 1990’s. however, when a new interest for Italy’s native varieties began to develop, a trend which has gained momentum over the years, Nero d’Avola became the major choice for planting in Sicily, even in areas traditionally of white wine production. But the classic zones remained their primacy, and one of these is in Sicily’s southeastern-most corner and is centered around the magnificent Baroque city of Noto with its striking and monumental architecture.

Among the first to become interested in Noto as a source for his growing viticultural empire – begun initially in the upper Arno river valley in Tuscany and then extended to the Tuscan Maremma – was fashion entrepreneur Antonio Moretti Cuseri. His success in this field was clearly a result of his ability to see the future well before others (his was already producing garments in Romanian, Polish and Arab countries in the 1980’s, decades before competitors sensed the advantages offered by this country as an important source of well made clothes at reasonable sources) and his motto was to never to never be beaten when opportunities knocked on the door.

The wines of Feudo Maccari

Investments in Noto, accordingly began in the new millennium and have continued ever since: Fuedo Maccari, his estate, can now count on 128 acres of vineyards. All planted, in a gesture of respect, to the classic bush-vine training system with centuries of history in Sicily. A fragrant and savory Grillo is now part of the line, and a bit of high quality Syrah is also present. But Nero d’Avola has always been the major story here, and the vineyards now produce 250.00 well made bottles (nearly 95.000 of Nero d’Avola and 55.000 of Saia), an indication that Moretti Cuseri, once again, has beaten competitors to the punch.


Appellation: Nero d’Avola D.O.C.
Grapes: Nero d’Avola 100%
Alcohol: 13.5°


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Address: C. Maccari, Strada Prov. Noto-Pachino, KM 13.5, 96017 Noto (SR)
Tel: +39 3456925843
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