Feudo Montoni

Feudo Montoni

(CAMMARATA – AGRIGENTO) In Cammarata Fabio Sireci, owner of Feudo Montoni, produces typical Sicilian wines following the tradition, as seen in the Nero d’Avola Vrucara Prephylloxera D.O.C Sicilia red wine.

Feudo Montoni’s History and Philosophy

Cammarata is a small town in the heart of Sicily, on the slopes of Monte Cammarata, where viticulture occupies a prestigious position among the agricultural activities of the region, and the wines produced in the province of Agrigento. In this area mountain viticulture on steep slopes is practiced, with peaks that reach altitudes 800m above sea level, and it is here that Feudo Montoni is based.

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The area’s wine tradition is centuries old, and it can be traced back to 1469 when the Catalan dominated the Aragonese, a period in which the original Baglio was built by the Abatellis family. Another source, which dates back to the wine history of this company, is found in the first Italian oenological treatise “De Naturali Vinoru Historia” (1595) by Andrea Bacci, where it is understood that in the same cellars the same grapes are still vinified.

The current owner of Feudo Montoni is Fabio Sireci, who represents the third generation of this family  owned business, and is an experienced and passionate winemaker who oversees all winemaking operations.


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In photo: Fabio Sireci

The company consists of thirty hectares of vines, located between 550 and 750 meters above sea level where vineyards that are planted on land in the highest areas have a strong sandy composition and a greater presence of clay in the lower. Viticulture is organic and certified, without any use of chemicals. Production is conducted with concrete and rigid attention, always respecting the environment and the products offered to the public.

The wines of Feudo Montoni

The vines used for the production are all indigenous; the ancient plants of Perricone, Nero d’Avola, and Catarratto, constitute the rare heritage of the cellar, the first two give the three reds: Nero d’Avola Vrucara Prephylloxera D.O.C Sicilia, Nero d’Avola Lagnusa D.O.C Sicilia, Perricone of the Core D.O.C Sicilia. While the Grillo and the Catarratto are used for the three whites: Grillo della Timpa D.O.C Sicilia, Catarratto del Masso D.O.C Sicilia, Inzolia dei Fornelli D.O.C Sicilia. Additionally there is Nerello Mascalese: Nerello Mascalese Rose by Adele D.O.C Sicilia with which the company’s rosé is produced. And finally, the last two: Passito Rosso I.G.T. Sicilian lands and Passito Bianco I.G.T. Sicilian lands.

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All of the wines denote the long tradition and retain strong typicality of the deep Sicilian hinterland, which is confirmed in their strong personality and the artisan philosophy with which they are made.


Feudo Montoni Wines

Appellation: Nero d'Avola DOC
Grapes: Nero d'Avola 100%
Alcohol: 14°
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Appellation: Sicilia DOC
Grapes: Perricone 100%
Alcohol: 13.5°

Appellation: Sicilia DOC
Grapes: Catarratto 100%
Alcohol: 13°

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Address: Contrada Montoni Vecchi – Cammarata, Agrigento
Tel: +39 091 513106
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