Fosso Corno

Fosso Corno

(TORANO NUOVO – TERAMO) Fosso Corno produces wines in Torano Nuovo. It is famous for its wines ‘Il Grande Silenzio’ Colline Teramane Montepulciano d’Abruzzo D.O.C.G., Cerasuolo, Pecorino and Merlot and many others.

The history and philosophy of Fosso Corno wines


The history of Fosso Corno wines took shape in 2001, when the Veronese Biscardo family bought the company in Fosso Corno, thanks to the passion and great professionalism of the father of the current owners Marco and his sister Sabrina Biscardo.

In fact, following a 40-year career in the ‘Gruppo Italiano Vini’ when retirement time came, he sought an area suitable for producing a Super Montepulciano, which has always been his favorite wine, thus moving from Veneto to the Teramo Hills in Abruzzo. To give life to the wines of Fosso Corno.

The Terroir of Fosso Corno wines


The Fosso Corno wines are produced in Torano Nuovo in the heart of Val Vibrata, in the extreme northern area of ​​Abruzzo. Its 30 hectares of company vineyards, spread over a single area located on a hill in Roseto degli Abruzzi, in the province of Teramo, are composed of 5 different vineyards at an altitude between 140-190 m and are: Orsus, Il Grande, Merlot Admire, Mayro, Fosso Corno Reserve.

The wines of Fosso Corno are born in luxuriant vineyards immersed in an enchanting landscape, in an area with mainly hilly characteristics, where valleys and hills, sprinkled with charming farmhouses, satisfy the gaze. The climate actually varies and is strongly influenced by the Apennine mountain massif and the Adriatic Sea, but it can be considered Mediterranean.

This area, called Val Vibrata, is home to the important Teramane Hills, known for a prestigious viticulture, thanks to these pedoclimatic characteristics and to the great Abruzzo winemaking tradition, creator of one of the best known wines.

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, the undisputed master since ancient times, so much so that “according to Pliny, Hannibal, a veteran of the battle of Trasimeno, used it to treat his horses sick with scabies”. Today the production of wine is so important that Torano Nuovo has been called the capital of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

The Wines of Fosso Corno

The wines of Fosso Corno are a fine example of the production of Vibratiani wines, including the ‘Great Silence’ Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane DOCG: an austere nose, great volume, character and elegance.

Of great interest among the wines of Fosso Corno are also the fruity and savory Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC, the Bianco, Pecorino Abruzzo DOC, and finally a Merlot with velvety tannins and an eloquent nose.

Over the years, the wines of Fosso Corno have become a reference point in Abruzzo, widely recognized and awarded both nationally and internationally.

The restructuring of the company saw the replacement of the awning systems with new espalier screws. The property was then divided into 16 lots, different in terms of elevation, exposure and type of land.

The philosophy of Fosso Corno wines is rigorously respecting the environment. Step by step, by carefully expanding the vines per hectare, then bringing this care and attention back into the processing of the grapes in the cellar, equipped with the best technologies, that synergy has been created, which has led over time to offer quality products today, Preserving that special character that the wines of Fosso Corno have in their bones.

The range of Fosso Corno wines fully reflect this framework and which makes Montepulciano D ‘Abruzzo, signed Fosso Corno as an ambassador of his native land, noteworthy.

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