G.D. Vajra

(BAROLO – CUNEO) A winery located in the municipality of Barolo in Piedmont. Barolo red wine is obviously one of the most appreciated wines, but they are also distinguished in the production of other labels of red wines and white wines, such as Dolcetto, Pinot Noir and Moscato d’Asti.

G.D. Vajra’s History and Philosophy

From the countryside to the city, from the farm to the factory, this was the movement that characterized Piedmont in the four decades that followed the Second World War. Strange as it may seem, the  land holdings were often small, the wines, including those that are famous all over the world today, were not particularly known or widely demanded, the prices paid to producers were low, and the future prospects did not seem to be not at all rosy. 

The last thirty years, on the other hand, have seen a return to the origins, first gradually then ever more rapidly, for many young men and women, who, attracted by the pleasures of country life and stimulated not only by the challenge of producing a wine that they could to call with their own name, but also to give birth to a wine that was able to represent their aspirations and talents in national and world markets, and that knew how to compete with famous labels of the areas in which they intended to operate.

At one time this story, one of those that tell of a huge success, was that of Aldo Vaira, whose family origins were in Barolo , a name that explains many things. But Vaira grew up in Turin, where she attended university. Fascinated from the outset by the countryside, he decided that agriculture would be his future and studied agronomy to prepare for his future career. Which was a continuous growth, full of inspiring successes. From the initial small family estates of vineyards, it expanded to the current 60 hectares. And it includes, in an extremely unusual way, vineyards in many parts of the area around Alba.

The wines of G.D. Vajra

The Barolo , various plots and cru, is obviously a very important part of the picture. Furthermore excellent bottles of Moscato d’Asti are produced in Mango and Santo Stefano Belbo . Dolcetto is produced in various places (including the cru of Barolo Coste and Fossati ) and is regularly one of the best in Piedmont, and the cooler parts of the family possessions give a first class Riesling , Pinot Noir , and white Langhe .

And the future is well insured: the three sons of Aldo and Milena Vaira , all hard workers and managers, are now all actively involved in the work of the family winery. And it is difficult for them to emigrate to the city. 

Bricco delle Viole

Appellation: Barolo DOCG
Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%
Alcohol: 14%


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Address: Via delle Viole, 25 – Fraz. Vergne 12060 Barolo (CN)
Tel: +39 0173.56257
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