(Sessa Aurunca – Caserta) The Terra di Lavoro farm  of  Galardi managed by  a group of friends and relatives, thanks also to the help of Riccardo Cotarella, has managed to make excellent wines from Aglianico  and  Piedirosso. The red wine of pride for the company is the Terra di Lavoro.

Galardi’s History and Philosophy

From time to time a new wine arrives on the markets, indicating that the company that produced it has reached a new level of ambition and success in its work. Even more rarely, a wine rises to such a level of quality that the potential of its grape is fully re-evaluated in light of the results that have been obtained. It is a phenomenon that is practically unprecedented, an extraordinary wine can redefine an entire production area, to the point that the words “large” or “exceptional” seem almost inadequate to describe it.

All this happened in the 90s, when the first years of Galardi ‘s Terra di Lavoro saw the light. The project, an enterprise of a group of friends and relatives driven by both curiosity and desire, aimed to create a new wine of the highest possible level from the vineyards located on the slopes of an extinct volcano, Roccamonfina, located in the municipality of Sessa Aurunca north of Campania . Ambition is one thing, but it could have seemed excessive even at a time when many believed that any goal was possible in their funds and with the right professional advisors.

The wines of Galardi

Sessa Aurunca has never been considered an area for exceptional wines, the protagonists of Galardi had never professionally dealt with oenology, and the wine they proposed was the result of a blend that, although part of the local tradition, had not previously led to something of such remarkable importance. But the consultant they chose, Riccardo Cotarella , soon realized that this wine, a combination of Aglianico (for power and structure) and Piedirosso (for the aroma and complexity) gave magical results in these hills.

No one could have doubted the professional skills of this consultant, but beyond his contribution, it soon became obvious that it was the soil and climate that gave this wine an extraordinary character, with a unique personality, an irresistible smell and palate, a incomparable depth and length. Despite the increase in production, these characteristics that have consecrated Terra di Lavoro one of the best wines in Italy have been preserved to this day.

Terra di Lavoro

Name: S.Carlo di Sessa Aurunca Campania IGT
Grapes: Aglianico 80%, Piedirosso 20%
Alcohol content: 13.5 °



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