Giancarlo Ceci

(ANDRIA)  An organic winery that in its production boasts among the red wines a Nero di Troia (Felice Ceci), an example of the excellent quality of the Apulian wines.

Giancarlo Ceci’s History and Philosophy

Organic agriculture has become particularly important in recent years.It is now a thriving industry with in fact plenty of serious and well trained professionals in the field, owners of significant extensions of land, who believe – and have put into practice – the precepts of a less industrial and less chemical agriculture, while being deeply interested in the fundamental principals of a greater respect for nature and the land. One of these is surely Giancarlo Ceci who, armed with a doctorate in agronomy from the University of Bologna, runs important holdings, which have been in his family for eight generations, in the northern part of Puglia.

Wine is only part of the picture: a great deal of olive oil is produced, along with various types of vegetables, some sold fresh, some preserved under olive oil and others used for the production of sauces. The estate itself is located on a beautiful soil of white calcareous rock, which comes right up to the surface and the warmth of the area around the city of Andria is more than enough to ripen – and ripen well – the 175 acres of vineyards that have been planted there.

The wines of Giancarlo Ceci

Winemaking is carried out by following the highly competent counsels of Lorenzo Landi, and the wines are the classics of the zone, Bombino Bianco for the whites, Bombino Nero, Montepulciano, Aglianico, and Nero di Troia for the reds. Native varieties are nothing of a dogma however and the fine barrel-fermented Chardonnay is the concrete demonstration of this open-mindedness. The most important wine in terms of numbers is the Parco Grande, 100 thousand bottles of a blend of MontepulcianoAglianico, and Nero di Troia, while there are also significant productions of a Bombino Bianco-based white wine and a rosé from Bombino Nero.

The desire to experiment has also recently led to the creation of two sparkling Brut method Charmat wines called “Apnea” (from Giancarlo’s passion for diving in the open sea), a white grape variety made with Pampanuto grapes and one rosé with Nero di Troia and Fiano grapes called “Clara” (dedicated to Giancarlo’s mother and daughter), and aged for five months in large barrels. A Moscato di Trani called “Dolce Rosalia” (dedicated to Giancarlo’s wife) completes the line. The top of the line is the Felice Ceci, a fine 100% Nero di Troia wine bearing the name of Giancarlo Ceci’s father and unquestionably one of the best examples of what this variety can give. It is possible to taste the farm wines inside the historic family home.

Felice Ceci

Appellation: Castel del Monte D.O.C.  
Grapes: Uva di Troia 100%
Alcohol: 13,5°


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Address: Contrada Sant’Agostino, 76123 – Andria
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