Gianfranco Fino

Gianfranco Fino

(SAVA – TARANTO) Gianfranco Fino is an Apulian producer of an excellent Primitivo di Manduria, a red wine of great strength and intensity.

Gianfranco Fino’s History and Philosophy

A certain professional versatility is not unusual in the world of wine, but Gianfranco Fino’s career indicates that the gifts of this young, and now already famous, producer are not common at all. With a qualification as an agronomist, Fino’s initial professional experiences were with olives, both the cultivation of the olive grove and the transformation of the olive into oil, and he soon became a recognized expert, a man who soon reached the ear of Luigi Veronelli, the greatest journalist of gastronomy and wine in Italy, who had undertaken a campaign to confer the right prestige on authentic Italian wine. That of growers who suffered from the ruthless practices and prices of large bottling companies and forced many of them to produce below cost.

The Puglia is the largest producer of oil in the regions of Italy, but its more than 80,000 hectares of vineyards make it also an important source of wine. The crops are often grown side by side and the old olive groves of the region, many with centenary trees, gracefully coexist with vineyards that in turn have more than half a century. In 2004, Fino decided to dive, bought a vineyard over 50 years old and began and embarked on a second and new career, this time as a winemaker.

The wines of Gianfranco Fino

The vineyard, and those subsequently purchased, are located in the historic area of ​​the old Primitivo wine , the house specialty. The town of Sava , located south-east of the city of Taranto , is the perfect place for these saplings, impressive to see with their thick trunks and gnarled branches that testify decades of struggle to survive and bear fruit. The climate is warm and with little rain, the soil – mainly sandy – poor, the possibility of a significant non-existent crop. But the nearby sea and the same age of the vines and the deep roots make the difference, and these ancient plants give grapes of rare strength and intensity, high alcohol content, rich, warm and generous; the paradigm of a wine from southern Italy. The wines of Fino, from the beginning, have conquered a place among the elite of their category, and have maintained this status until today, with 15,000 superb bottles sought after all over the world.


Es Primitivo Di Manduria DOC Gianfranco Fino

Appellation: Primitivo Di Manduria DOC
Grapes: Primitive 100%
Alcohol content: 16.5 °


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Address: Via Piave, 12, 74028 Sava TA
Tel: +39 099.7773970
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